Cake Stand GIVEAWAY and Martha Stewart Weddings!

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Last year, I created a cake for the Minted Ad on Town and Country Weddings Magazine Fall/Winter 2010. This year, the exact same ad was featured on the Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine Summer 2011. I’ve always loved this unique and chic ad. Victoria Smith did a beautiful job on the page layout.

Pink and chic cake

I don’t think there is much to say about this project since it’s the same ad from last time. If you want to learn more about this ad, you can access my old post here.


I “soooo” love cake stands (I’m a hoarder)! Every time I see one, I must get it or I will die wishing. Collecting them can be so addicting! Several of my favorite cake stands are made by a company called Mosser Glass. Their milk glass cake stands are quite heavy, super solid and extremely durable. I’ll be giving away a brand new 9 inch milk glass cake stand to one of my readers!

I purchased mine at Cambria Cove (just closed) but you can also check them out at the My Sweet and Saucy Shop.


Just simply answer my question by leaving a comment:

I love cake stands and tableware. What type of things do you love? 


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379 Responses to “Cake Stand GIVEAWAY and Martha Stewart Weddings!”

  1. I also love cake stands. But favorite is egg plates. Something about the shape-almost like a flower, but the more unusual the better. Love your site and facebook.

  2. I love cutters and cake stands!! :)

  3. I love cake stands also, especially blue glass, or really colorful ones.. I also really enjoy decorative plates etc w/ pics of fun cakes or cupcakes. But my favortie would have to be my grandmother’s old marble lazy susan. She used it as a turntable back in the day =)

  4. I love cakestands, but nothing gives me more pleasure and smiles than the cake sat on them – so flower cutters, that make the flowers, that make the cake, that MAKES the stand… thats what i love.. the flower cutters that start the whole love!!! =)

  5. Cake stands are my favorite without a doubt!! I think it’s an illness, lol I can spend hours searching them out and if I come home with a new and unusual one, I feel like a treasure hunter!

  6. I can never have enough cake stands or platters:)

  7. Oh gee, I get a second chance! How exciting! Thanks Art & Appetite!! And cake stands still are my passion:)

  8. i love cake stands! i have so many – the top two shelves of my bedroom closet is dedicated to cake stands. i just found a tutorial on how to make cupcake stands. cant wait.

  9. BTW, I “Liked” your Facebook page along time ago:)

  10. I just started loving cake stands. Found a few really nice ones at yard sales, which I also love because of all the neat cake-making treasures I’ve found!!

  11. I also love cake stand, they just add something to the cakes or goodies placed on them!

  12. Just to let you know I have liked your facebook page as well. Your cakes are beautiful….I’m in awe of them! :)

  13. I love my husband and kids…I also love to bake and decorate cakes!

  14. I also liked your Art and Appetite Facebook page a long time ago. All of your work is great, Rylan!

  15. since i started making cakes, i just completely fell in love with cake stands!! for me, it gives the cake this prominent effect, as if the cake is being put on a pedestal. but i don’t have any cake stands :( we don’t have a lot of choices of cake stands here, & when i find something that i really like, i can’t take it w/ me cause they are soo expensive!

  16. I have liked your page long long long time ago :) Thank you for this chance to win :D

  17. I love collecting sugar beads and pearls in different colors and sheens. I think I have about 3 drawers full.

  18. As for things that i love, pens.

  19. I love cake stand as well-it completes the whole cake presentation..I also love cake magazines/books/cake blog site!!!Good Luck to all of us!!!

  20. I also “liked” your site long time ago!!!! :D

  21. Just to let you know also liked this on Facebook! :)

  22. I love love love cakestands,serving trays and all things kitchen. Congrats on your ad being features!!! It is a masterpiece.

  23. I have a huge weakness for cake stands, too. So many of the ones I love are pretty pricey, especially with the rate that I tend to break them. Some other items are cups and saucers, and tablecloths. They’re sturdier!

  24. Cakestands and serving platters…can never have enough!

  25. well, aside from my two daughters and family, I have quite a few cake stands too Rylan, including 2 pink milk glass that I love. But my new passion is finding cupcake stands (those 3 tier things that fold upright). Goodwill and thrift shops have been very good for finds. You know I’ve ‘liked’ all your pages. Please consider me for the win!

  26. The ad is gorgeous! I love books and magazines on anything pastry!

  27. I absolutely LOVE looking at cake, baking and decorating blogs! It’s my “me time”… I could sit for hours and look at the photos are read the stories behind the design.

  28. I love all the limoges boxes. They have so many wonderful details.

  29. I “love” your Facebook page and have been a fan for a while now.

  30. I love porcelain plates

  31. I love cold autumn days, a fire in the fire place and being with my husband. Phone calls from our kids is just a bonus.

  32. I love measuring cups and measuring spoons. I am also addicted to old cake takers. I can’t get enough!

  33. I love cake tools and gadgets, can’t get enough! I don’t yet own a cake stand, but hope I do soon!

  34. Already “liking” your facebook page. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  35. I love baking & photography, & anything that has a relationship with those two. Thank you for giving us a chance to win such a beauty!

  36. I liked Art & Appetite long before I was Cupcations & liked it again when I had my own page. Great site & beautiful work Rylan!

  37. I love cake stands, cookie cutters, cupcake stands and cupcake liners!

  38. Well, as you know, I’m an extreme cake stand person too I, like you, just can’t seem to pass one up! My favorite is a dark cobalt blue that’s round with bubbles in it…just gorgeous! The one you have featured is beautiful. I love the white stands but have only square ones so I round one would be perfect!

  39. I love stands too! I also love brown cupcake liners!

  40. Oh, and I adore you on Facebook already!

  41. Congrats Rylan, that is such great news!

    I am a hoarder…my boyfriend thinks I have a problem because anything with cake or cupcakes I must have. haha.
    I own all sorts of cake/cupcake paraphernalia: pajamas, cake stands, ornaments, notebooks, frames, kitchen towels, t-shirts, jewelry.

  42. I loooove cupcake liners :)

  43. I obsess over cake stands! and I also love really nice wrapping papers/fabrics for backgrounds for photographing desserts!!

  44. And of course I’m a long time liker of Art and Appetite.

  45. Hello Rylan,congratulations! That’s great news!

    Greets from Belgium!

  46. I love cake stands but the more I like it sets!

  47. Hooray, another post! I love everything you make. I’m obsessed with cake stands as well, but my *real* problem is table linens. I have way too many napkins, placemats, tablecloths, and fabric scraps, and the problem is only getting worse.

  48. I love making people smile with my desserts!

  49. I love vintage stand mixers and anything made from milk glass or depression glass.

  50. I’ve already “liked” you on Facebook. Your work is quite an inspiration.

  51. I love kids and the people I make cakes for – thus the reason I need a cake stand!
    Love your talent, too, Ry!

  52. I love cakes stands, ils permettent de mettre en valeur un joli gâteau.

  53. I make a lt of cakes but sadly only have ONE cake plate. I feel a new passion coming on!

  54. I love all things culinary and a cake stand is one thing I don’t have. I love my collection of vintage Indian pots and pans {}. The rustic beauty inspires me. I love your pictures. They are beautiful. Thank yoo for having this giveaway internationally!

  55. I love candles, cake pedestals and beautiful serving dishes!!

  56. Just liked your fb page, as well.

  57. I also love cake stands, my favorite is a vintage hobnail ruffled edge plate I get on ebay 15 years. I also am an avid sugarcrafter and collect anything cake decorating. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  58. I’m obsessed with spoons. I collect all sorts. I also love mini cookware like cocottes.

  59. I “liked” your facebook page!

  60. Beautiful cake! Wow!
    Unfortunately, I don’t bake and I don’t need a cake stand. But, cake stands are neat and it’s so cool that they come in all different shapes and sizes!

  61. I love, love, love cake stands and I collect them. I also collect all kinds of cake decorating toys.
    Thank you for this opportunity to wing a cake stand!!

  62. I love cake stands too!!!

  63. OMG, I hoard Cake Stands too. I thought I was the only one. I don’t have one like that and would LOVE to add to my collection. You are very talented, so keep up the good work. Always wanting to see more!

  64. I love all things cake toys, including cake stands. In addition crafting supplies, family, reading, gardening, and my furry babies.

  65. And I liked you on Facebook a long time ago!

  66. I like collecting cake pans and Madeleine mould sheets of all types.

  67. I love egg holders. And seeing one on my plate, knowing that I will soon crack open a delicious soft boiled egg in which to dip my toast….heaven.

  68. I’ve liked you on facebook for ages!

  69. I love pictures of my family in displayed in assorted frames and ways throughout my home.

  70. I love kitchen stuffs, baking stuff, cooking stuff…:)

  71. This is beautiful! I saw one of those one day but it was too big! this is just perfect, so are your cakes!!!! Divine!

  72. I love china teacups! My favorite ones were from my Grandmother that she let me use when I was little. Such fond memories!! (I also love your cakes!):)

  73. And I’ve already “liked” your FB page :) :)

  74. I love scented candles.

  75. I like art and appetite on fb.
    fb id robyn paris

  76. I love salt and pepper shakers. I collect them.

  77. Can I tell you how happy I am that we are now buddies online?? Rylan you are such an amazing talent. Your cakes are stunning. I am so touched that you came to my blog and commented with such enthusiasm – - you are top notch yourself. I want, need….must have the cake stand ;)

  78. I follow you on FB now too!

  79. My wife loves her cake stands!!!

  80. I LOVE any kind of silcone molds!Also am a lover of cake stands too, they can give a cake such a “good look”! Thank you so much for this opportunity too:)

  81. Like you guys on fb!!!

  82. I love Fall and anything to do with baking!!

  83. I love ceramic bells, I collect them :) I also love cake!

  84. Bowls! I love love love bowls, all bowls… strange I know… kind of like cake stands ;)

  85. Paper goods and stationery! I get a lot of inspiration from beautiful cards and wrapping paper…and cake stands of course! x

  86. What I like? my family, anything to do with cake and cookies and reading, lots of reading.

  87. Oh and I liked your facebook as well, your work is soooo clean

  88. I love pretty paper, fabrics, cookies cutters, I too love pretty cake stands. This so wonderful, thank you for such great giveaway.

  89. I also like you on FB.

  90. I also love cake stands and your cakes

  91. I love mugs! I have so many!

  92. I’m heading over to like your facebook page! I also like creative and cute cupcake liners….I recently bought some leopard print ones- so my style!!

  93. Every cake deserves its throne.

  94. I love 2 or 3 tier round cake stands, especially when they’re filled with delicious treats and a few beautiful flowers :)

  95. I love cookie jars
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  96. I love teacups! And fancy silver things (like trays and serving dishes). I also love those pitchers that are bulbous at the bottom with a narrow neck and a curled back lip to hold the ice.

  97. I can hardly pass up cookie cutters. Not sure why. I just LUV em’!

  98. I love cake stands and tableware too but in Singapore, lovely stuff are either hard to come by or really expensive.

    I love to admire antique jewellery as well.

    Thanks for dropping by. I really love your blog.

  99. i LOVE you and your beautiful cakes – hee hee! I love cake stands too and would love to own a million of them but with a tiny home with no storage and a tight budget, I only have 1, 1 wonderful cake stand. I would love to be able to add a #2 to my collection – hint, hint =)

  100. PS – I’ve “liked”/loved your Facebook page for a long time too =)

  101. I love cake stands and salt & pepper shakers. I have more of the latter but I’m just getting started. :-)

  102. Your cake is WORLD-CLASS!
    I always want a cake stand like this…hehe, but I guess everyone here wants one too ;-)
    I am so HAPPY that you have tried and enjoyed the mint/olive pesto. Miss your garden photos…I love them.

  103. I’m a bit obsessed with cake stands too I’ve seen some real beauties and have coveted them! And this one is so versatile and stunning! :)

  104. I like lead crystal decanters.

  105. Hi I like cake stands and all sorts of kitchen gadgets and cupcake accesories :) Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment.

  106. I like this on facebook

  107. I too am addicted to cake stands of all kinds with or without covers :-)

  108. I just went to Facebook and I “Like” your page :-)

  109. I love beautiful platters.

  110. I like cute little bowls, small jars and other cute things to decorate with… I would LOVE to have a nice cakestand like this one for my cakes, always been on my wishlist!!!

  111. I`m also a fan on facebook ;-)

  112. Cake stands are a definitley love. I find that my favorites are either antique style or really clean modern (like milk glass falls into both). I would say second is a love of kitchen gadgets! Nothing makes a beautiful cake that much more so than the perfect stand to put it on. I love you site, it’s book marked! :)

  113. I’m addicted to cake stands..!! I want them all.!!!!

  114. I absolutely love coffee mugs. I like being able to pick and choose which one I want to use in the morning!

  115. I love antique linens, they are a lot of work to take care of and use but they are SO worth it

  116. I love wedding stuff and I also share your love of kitchenware so this is perfect for me! :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  117. I love cake stands and candles

  118. Very cute cake stand! I have to admit, I have a thing for Cake Pop stands at the moment (I have 2 already, and another 2 on my wish list)

    Thanks for helping me find your blog!

  119. I ‘liked’ you guys on FB too :)

  120. I love collecting cupcake wrappers and cupcake stands!!

  121. I LIKE you on Facebook!!! Amazing talent!!!

  122. I love all things to do with cake and cake decorating. Have a room full of supplies, from cutters, molds, cake pans,and cake stands. I love creating for my family and friends!

  123. You have natural talent, I love cake stands! I`m also a fan on facebook!


    Francesca of

  124. I love you buddy!

  125. Cake stands are my passion!!

  126. Cake stands…I only have one which I guard with my ‘eagle eyes’. It’s not too late to start a new hobby anyway!

  127. As far as collecting things, I absolutely love old Pyrex casseroles and bowls- all the different colors and patterns. I need to move somewhere large enough for a china cabinet to display them in though:) I also love old cake keepers and salt and pepper shakers

  128. I love ribbon as well as stands. I can create an entire design inspired by a single piece of ribbon! I also liked you on facebook. Such beautiful work!

  129. Love cake decorating tools!

  130. I already like you on FB.

  131. I’m a bit of a hoarder for cookie cutters… I have too many that I don’t use nearly enough… but hey, they’re cute!

  132. I already like you on facebook!

  133. I love all cakestands. My most favorite is the one my grandmother gave me after she decided to close her bakery shop.

  134. I only have one cake stand, that’s one my Daughter gave me for Christmas and I truly love it..
    Love your FB page

  135. i love and collect beautiful white items…..cake stands, platters, cups & saucers, bowls and other various keepsakes.

  136. ps. i have already ‘liked’ you on facebook :)

  137. I have like your facebook page
    i love vintage accessories to adorn the kitchen and enhance the beauty of cakes… i also love all of the excellent blogs by experiences cake bakers, whose work is always a work of art x

  138. I love my making sugar figures. I love reading blogs on arts.

  139. I love knives especially thin sharp ones that cut through cake like room temperature butter! Can’t cave with a dull knife! ;)

  140. I agree with you–what caker doesn’t love a beautiful cake stand? For me, I have a special love of vintage stands. But I also really love single, small decorative plates–vintage, ornate and elaborate or simple and elegant. Not a small plate from a dish pattern–but tiny decorative plates. Theres just something extra special about serving a tasting or a single slice or cupcake on an extraordinary but small plate.

  141. Sorry “Carve”

  142. Ilove the cake stand the make a simple cake look gorgeous

  143. I ‘liked’ you on FB (but it should have been LOVE!). Your work is inspiring!!!

  144. A cake stand would be the icing on the cake this Christmas to accompany my cabbage leaf plates.

  145. I love cake stands, I love delicate handmade sugarpaste flowers and I love the smell of all baked goods fresh out of the oven!

  146. I love nothing better than to see.a beautifully decorated cake on an equally
    Beautiful cake stand, it exceeds elegance and style, also it makes you
    Want to strive for perfection x

  147. Hello, I’m so happy to know I am not the only one that can not pass by a beautiful Cake Stand with out having to take it home. My Favorite Fun stand is a lime green base with poka dots with Red boots for feet its adorable and so colorful, it makes me smile every time I look at it. Thank you for the opportunity to win this STUNNING Classic Stand, I would treasure it always.


  148. I love anything that are for cakes decorating and stuff i can find at homegoods!

  149. I liked u on fb too!

  150. I love baking!

  151. I love old-fashioned China and want to collect a ‘Crazy” Tea set, (this is one tea cup, saucer and bread & butter plate) and use them having friends over for High Tea with all the classic accessories…lacy cloths, silverware, teapots, tiered cake stands….

  152. I love the satisfaction of finishing a cake and it has turned out better than imagined!

  153. I have liked you on Facebook for quite some time now!

  154. I liked artandapetite on Facebook after just discovering the page. Beautiful cakes..

  155. I’ve liked Art and Apetite on FB. Lovely cakes!
    I love cake stands and cup cake stands

  156. I love simplicity. I find that the most beautiful things in life are simple and easy on the eyes. That’s exactly what makes this cake stand so beautiful!

  157. I love cake stands!! and anything DIY from tablewares to home decorations! oh I just learned how to DIY cake stands too! :)

  158. I love collecting cake recipes. I also like cake stands, as a matter of fact, I purchased one for $4.99 in a flea market and it turned out to be a vintage.

  159. I love my kitchen aid and my airbrush machine!!!

  160. I “liked” you on facebook! So besides liking you and Mayen I also like cake stands, making cakes, eating cakes and above all spending time with my hubby and kids!

  161. I love it when I give a cake to someone and they are so excited they jump up and down with sheer delight and excitement!!! It absolutely makes all the hard work worth every minute!

  162. thanks for stoppng by my blog, came over and saw you were doing a giveaway…how exciting!! i love that cake stand too, but i think my weakness is coffee mugs. is that strange??

  163. I love new born babies! And I have started to collect cake stands as well! lol two totally different things:)

  164. I love cake stands and cake decorating! thanks for this giveaway contest Rylan!

  165. I liked you on facebook!!!! woo hoo come on random pick me:)

  166. I liked you on Facebook too! Hey, Rylan…any new works of art to share?? We love your work!

  167. This is a wonderful Giveaway! I would like to be a part of it!
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog!

  168. I love anything that has to do with cake decorating! Tools and gadgets, magazines, books, etc. Can’t get enough of it!

  169. I’ve liked your FB page. Great work!

  170. Guilty of being a cake stand addict too! I have been eyeing the 12 inch green milk glass cake stand @… I think I’ll postpone it a little bit more… I’ll get it the 9″ white one from you!!! Hugs!!

  171. I love cookbooks and cute ribbon =)

  172. Love your work. Love the clean lines. Milk glass adds such a special touch to a cake setup. I don’t have any yet though.

  173. I love fondant decorating tools. Its my bestfriend in creating cakes that I put on the cake stand.=)

  174. I love cake stands because they make cakes more beautiful.I collect them, too. I learned my lesson the hard way about letting go of a cake stand that I found in one of the shops,only to go back for it and then it’s gone. I was heartbroken. Nowadays, if I’m interested in a cake stand, I just buy it. If I end up not liking it, I can always return. If I win this giveaway, I will put it to good use. I plan to use it for an upcoming Christening cake for my niece, which will be in pure white.

  175. I love cake stands also. Collect Vaseline and green depression glass, and have some cake stands in those also. I also have a love for specizly shaped pans and cookie cutters.

  176. I love making fondant characters! :)

  177. I love bottles that look like vintage milk bottles,all shapes n sizes!next up,cake stands! :)

  178. Love ur cakes…… :)

  179. oh boy oh boy, I looove cake stands too… but I also love finding a great patterned tea cup and saucer, or quirky serving dishes to lay a fresh batch of cookies in.

  180. I love being able to discover a sweet edible passion that lies deep within me. The ability to bring joy to others through the amazing world of cakes.

  181. i love the cake stand because it really helps us display our art for the cupcakes and cakes.ialso love looking for the work of others because every designs it inspire me to do well…i also love cutters and molds for cake toppers…tnx and god bless!

  182. I love Cake stands & Cake plates, but what I truly love Is the love, support and encouragement I get from my family & friends. And the happiness and joy that I see in their faces when you make that special cake for them. <3

  183. I love colored glass…Your work is fabulous!!!

  184. it is a great gift fot my birthday (oct 9) if ever i will have one…and a great motivator for me because it came from an excellent person whoo gives us inspiration to follow her footsteps in the field of artcakes!

  185. I “like” you on Facebook!

  186. I love vintage Moka pots. The different shapes and size are great for displaying around the kitchen. With 2 reserved for actual use, of course! Nothing like an espresso freshly made at home in the morning.
    And I love any type of plates with rooster motifs.
    I also “Lied” you on Facebook.

  187. There are so many things I love…. antiques, especially anything victorian, eggs, teapots.. the list goes on.

  188. cupcake stands form anthropologie!

  189. I love bowls. Wood bowls, sterling bowls, porcelain. They store all my little odds and ends

  190. I love baking stuffs! From cutters to spatulas… From magazines to cupcake towers… and sooo many more!

  191. I love your Facebook page. Your cakes are fancy and fabulous!

  192. I absolutely Love my iPhone and iPad because they keep me in touch with the cake world wherever I am!! :)
    P.S. I’m all *thumbs up on FB ;)

  193. I’m new to all these and am discovering a new love! Started making fondant cakes a year ago and am amazed by all the creations I see in the websites, including yours!

  194. I love quality tableware and serveware that will withstand the test of time in design and durability. I love antique relish plates and deviled egg plates and crystal serveware with floral and holiday motifs. This elegantly chic cake stand would easily fit in with my buffet serveware and would be great for birthdays!

  195. I love tablewares especially cake stands as I am in the baking business… I always try to look for classic and tasteful designs so that I could use it for many things…not just cakes..but also cupcakes, cookies and even flowers..

  196. I love to look for nice packaging materials and techniques for my baked it native materials like hemp…foil-made pans, paper-based boxes and even the more expensive ceramics… But most of all, I just love to display my goodies on beautiful tablewares so that my dessert buffet table look absolutely sensational!!!!

  197. I like white tablewares and servewares. This cake stand would just fit in. My cakes can definitely use a very elegant stand! :) Your creations are just amazing.

  198. Thumbs up to your FB page. Amazing Cakes…

  199. I too love cake stands. I hunt them out. Everywhere! My prized one s a vintage turning one that plays happy birthday. It just makes my kids smile, which makes me smile!

  200. i liked(heart) your fb page too! :)

  201. I also love cake stands! There’s also something very sweet about teacups and teapots!
    Thanks so much, Anna, mattandanna at live dot com

  202. I “like” the Art and Appetite Facebook page!
    Thanks so much, Anna, mattandanna at live dot com

  203. I love your facebook page not only to admire your one of a king cake art works but to learn. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I’ve been your follower from your youtube. I wish I’ll win this cake stand. I only have one, it was a gift from a friend, and an additional will be amazing not to mention its coming from you =) More power!

  204. I love antique mason jars and collecting old medicine bottles, unique glass vases and anything glass! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win a cake stand. I desperately need one! :)

  205. I love my dogs, Wilma & Ginger. I love hiking, camping and being out doors. I collect candy molds.

  206. I love anything with cake or cupcakes on it!

  207. I like your Art and Appetite FB page!

  208. I love beautiful bone china teacups.


  209. LIKE on FB: Mary Preston


  210. Cake stands are great, they add that special touch

  211. I love cake stands and cake tools. Never get enough of them.

  212. I also love fondant tools and molds :)

  213. I love old cake carriers and old cookie cutters, working on building a cake stand collection myself, thats all I need something else to love lol

  214. also liked you on FB!

  215. I love vintage aprons

  216. i loooovvvee caking tools….cutters, glasses,cake stand…nethng related to cake..i just sumtimes wish i could buy the whole michaels out!

  217. Well, I can’t say I love cake stands just yet, given I do not have any in the house… but I sure love the cakes that would go on it! :)


  218. I love unique vases and picture frames.

  219. I love interestingly shaped silicone molds.

  220. I love cookbooks!!!! I have close to 100 of them!!!

  221. I love everyhting CAKES and related… this stand is awsome.

  222. i can’t seem to pass up dishes

  223. I like candle holders and salt and pepper shakers.
    Thanks for the chance.

  224. i like cupcake holders aswell with fancy cupcake papers . they catch attention ;)

  225. I love cake stand and everything related to cake decorating. I don’t have real cake stand yet. I just bought Wilton’s tower set. Planning to get some cake stand in the future. Hopefully your giveaway will be my first cake stand ever. Love all your amazing cake. Just became your fans on FB. Learn a lot from your cake’s pictures. Thank you.

  226. I love anything to do with cakes! I love making figures, flowers and just making people smile when they see the cake!

  227. PS i ‘liked’ your FB page a long time ago ;)

  228. I love cake stands all things beautiful.

  229. I love all different kinds of cake stands and I also love table runners and centerpieces!

  230. I love cookie cutters and sprinkles . . . have huge collections of both! I have a few cake stands too . . . and this one would be a lovely addition to my collection!

  231. I love kitchen gadgets! Anything that can make things a little easier!

  232. I love coffee mugs in my kitchen…right next to the cake stand!

  233. Liked you on FB!

  234. I love wooden utensils and bowls. I also love ceramic chickens and bottles of hot sauce and miniature boxes. I have too much of everything, but oddly, not one cake stand:)

  235. I like you on facebook as Susan Chester

  236. What I love. I love many things and many people. my love for my husband and two children is a given however, what I love the most is being able to get up every morning and help the families that I render services to by teaching them about child development and preventing family from being at risk to go to foster care. for every family I help move forward is a success for me. My heart feels warm and my piece of mind is at ease that is when I know my job has been done. this is what I love. just like when you bake a good cake and everyone eats it and appreciate the bakers techniques.

  237. I love cake stands. Sadly I only have one. A cheapo glass stand but I still like it. Milk glass is a favorite right behind pink depression era glass. Thank you for the opportunity to start my own collection because yes I feel a new addiction coming on.

  238. I love LOOKING at cake stands!!! I have yet to buy one. I started baking and cake decorating last year. I’m still a novice in my “don’t charge enough cuz I’m selling to friends, therefore I’m broke” phase. So I haven’t had a chance to budget for things like that yet, plus with a senior in High School…I will be broke for the entire year. I’m taking my chances here, but what have I got to lose? Oh, and I already liked your page (that’s how I learned about this :)

  239. I have a weakness for unusual platters, bowls and cake stands. My husband tells me I don’t have room for anymore, but what does he know right? I would so love to win this one!!!

  240. I like your facebook page :)

  241. I love to collect songbirds

  242. I love lots of things. My baby daughter, my wife, spring, fall, bicycling, designing new cakes, looking at other peoples’ cakes wishing I was that talented, finding new cake tools, and the University of Northern Iowa…just to name a few.

    Can’t like you on facebook right now, but I will tonight when I get home

  243. I have a passion for pitchers! Especially little cream pitchers. They are adorable grouped or lining a shelf.

  244. Platters and cake stands.

  245. Platters and cake plates!

  246. I love anything that can showcase or enhance my cakes and other baked goodies. I love cake stands, platters, and cake tools. I love discovering new techniques to make my baked goodies more beautiful! I hope I win this cake stand!

  247. I love cupcake liners. I can never get enough of them, and always want more!

  248. I liked you on Facebook!

  249. I’ve liked your page in the past! :-)

  250. I love books and computers, actually…. and baking!!!! And running my business, Cakes by Suzy.

  251. I love all cake gadgets! My cake supplies are starting to take over…

  252. I like you on FB too :)

  253. I hear you on the cake stand thing.. I love them as well.. But what I love MORE? Cake domes! & I like you on facebook.. Yea! Thank you!

  254. I love baking and beauriful baking related items, the cake stand is certainly lovely!

  255. I love eating the delicious confections that my wife the cake decorator whips up!

  256. What a beautiful stand! The spread in town & country is gorgeous!

  257. I love cake stands too. Actually any service ware that is on a pedestal really makes the table beautiful. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  258. I like the Art and Appetite Facebook page. Thanks! Trish Froehner

  259. I adore cake stands! I also love photography, baking, and DIY projects!

  260. I love cake stands too. As well as patterned dishes and nesting bowls. And lamps, table, floor, hanging, it doesn’t matter.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  261. I love cupcakes and cookies

  262. You can never have too many cake stands or cookie cutter,or mini dishes, or……

  263. I have a weakness for apothecary jars and cake/cupcake stands :)

  264. I liked your fan page on Facebook (Gia Patton-Judge)

  265. I have a passion for vases (and tea cups).

  266. I love cake decorating, So unique cake stands are always catching my eye. I found a beautiful antique pink bubble glass cake stand on vacation in Nags Head this summer & it is a prized treasure!

  267. I love anything colourful. <3

  268. I love finding things at a great price! That might be the unemployed student in me though :o p I also have an affection for anything that can be done in a mason jar. Mason jar cupcakes anyone???

  269. I also “liked” you on facebook. Though I would have done it anyways :o )

  270. I am addicted to buying cake stands, I need a bigger place to put them, I buy so many, I could never have enough of them, lol There are some plane ones and some beautiful ones, I like’em all!

  271. I love aprons. I am a very messy baker so they are cute and functional.

  272. I Love to make beautiful cakes to put on all my beautiful cake stands, I am addicted to buying cake stands! I am an amiture still i just have a facebook page would love for you to take a look at some of my cakes/cupcakes, Victoria’s Sweet Emotions serch for me on facebook!

  273. I love baking pans. i have way too many! But I have NO cake stands!

  274. I also liked you on facebook!

  275. I love all gum paste cutters and molds ;) loving the cake stand…

  276. Cake stands! I just started collecting this year and only have a few…but love them!

  277. Already a fan on FB :)

  278. I love my heavenly father, my husband, and my dog. I have two cake stands but they are glass and not nearly as nice as this. I would love it!

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  280. I love cookbooks and lip balm, I have huge collections of both :)

    kate1485 at

  281. I’m a fan of Art & Appetite on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

    kate1485 at

  282. I love stand mixers. I dont own one but i dream about it. so colorful, so pretty, so useful. :: dreams ::

  283. fb fan xferriza2 danielle b

  284. I too love cup cake stand, after reading this blog, went and got one from TK Max….
    I love collecting trinket boxes and also love collecting vases….

  285. I love checkered jar tops (like the ones from Bonne Maman jams), Cake stands and antique cutlery! And i love your photos……..

  286. I love baking! And if I can put what I bake in such a beautiful cake stand, this is heaven!

  287. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving nice words! Btw, I just liked you in FB.

  288. Hi Dear ,just a few words to say thanks a lot I saw you visited my blog.I don´t think I can enter the giveaway because I live quite far from you (spain) but I registered to get your newsletter.Ilove baking cupcakes and cookies and taking pictures.have a nice evening.

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  290. I love placemats and table runners.

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  296. ive always loved cake stands, its a family tradition.

  297. I liked you on facebook – Kari Terrell

  298. I’ve been collecting coffee cups for years when we visit different states and countries. It’s fun to reach in the cabinet and choose “where to go” today. I enjoy baking and decorating cakes and would love to have a cake stand.

  299. I “like” the Art and Appetite Facebook page as Gaye M.

  300. i hope i’m not late. i live in the mideast thou, the stand would be too heavy to send. anyway, i just want to comment… i’m soooo addicted to cake decorating. i wish i discovered it long time ago. been doing cakes for 7months only. each time i visit wilton store (this is the only cake decorating store we have here in jeddah KSA) it’s like i’m in toy kingdom, i would pick 1 thing or two. i love to put my cakes on decorative plates. it saves me fondant, serves as a sturdy base for the cake, adds beauty to the cake & gives it uniqueness, and because we don’t have that much cake stands here or it’s just i don’t know where to find them.
    i also liked your facebook page. ^_^

  301. I love old colored bottles.

  302. I love center pieces and cute cake/cupcake molds!!

  303. I love pretty vases and cake stands!

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  305. I love maps and shoes

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  307. Thank you for the post and chance to win. I love collecting vintage plates and using them as decorative pieces in the kitchen.

    nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

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    nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

  309. I love kitchen appliances — anything that will help me make gourmet food, which I love!

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  311. hi rylan! i love this giveaway! i love cake stands, but i love kitchen gadgets. i love condiments. (i know random stuff, right?!?)….
    have a super duper weekend! xoxo

  312. i love all kinds of artistic and creative utensils…i have a large collection of them…egg shaped storage utensil is one of my favorite. I do not have cake stand, hope i win this one..

  313. I am addicted to buying any kid of serving plate/dish/stand etc, as long as it is white! I love the clean look that white gives to any themed table.

  314. I am also a liker of facebook (have been so for a little while) :-)

  315. I collect baskets. Love them.

  316. I love any type of serving piece with snowmen on it. I don’t care that they are seasonal, I even use them at my summer BBQs.

  317. I love Pink Depression Glass!

  318. I also love cake stands! And really dark chocolate!

  319. Liked on Facebook!

  320. I like cake! I love photographing cakes. as a wedding photographer, i get to do this often.

  321. FB like!
    monica powell
    (beautiful photos!)

  322. I love dishes antique and nature themes

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  325. ( i liked FB as “princess janice”) thanks!

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  330. I love cake stands too but I also really like bowls. They can be used for so many purposes and come in so many different sizes, I can’t help buying one whenever a new design strikes my fancy.

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    kowgirlsrule at gmail dot com

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  335. I have a strange obsession with pens. I love different colors, styles, and sizes. I also love having a lot on hand. I have so many pens. I’m a freak. LOL!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  336. I like Art and Appetite on Facebook
    Username: Fatty Bumpkins

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

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  338. I love cake stands too! And cute patterned plates.

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  343. I love to make cupcakes with my boys

  344. I love beautiful drapery, intricate molding, and making crafts with my kiddos.

  345. I like Art an Appetite on FB (Sarah Smile).

  346. I love simple and elegant jewelery, clothing and furniture. I love brooches, blazers with simple cuts and contemporary furniture. I wouldn’t spend money on something that is trendy like a piece of jewelery or clothing that 535 other people will all be wearing to school or work!

  347. I love to cook! I must admit though, as far as kitchen supplies go, I love trifle bowls and wine glasses!

  348. I love cake and cake pop stands. a variety colors. very presentable.

  349. Legos make me happy. And my beautiful wife.

  350. I am a cake decorator so obviously, all things cake are a passion. I also love small vintage kitchen scales.I have a red one from Japan from the 1960′s. It does not work, but it is a gem to look at!

  351. I love cake stands and unfortunately do not have one. Mine was broken when the cat knocked it off of the counter. I also love coffee cups.

  352. I love cake stands, and I love children’s books about Color!

  353. I love any type of stand that will showcase the cake. But I absolutely love collecting books on cake decorating. I have Wilton magazines from the late 70′s on up (won on ebay). It’s fun to look and see what was the “new” back then.

  354. I love vintage wooden utensils. The more they are used the more beautiful and wonderful they are to me.

  355. I love tea cups and vintage dish towels. Really need this cake stand for a sweets table.

  356. I love collecting cookbooks. Old and new. I have some cookbooks from around 1900′s. I love reading how they describe techniques and names of ingredients. We’ve come along way :)

  357. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR JOINING! The giveaway has ended. I’ll be posting the winner soon! Check the bottom of the blog post for the result.

  358. I love collecting old mason jars. I have many from the 1800′s -they are a work of art!

  359. i loooove to eat what’s on a cake stand =)

  360. I love cookie cutters!

  361. I would LOVE this prize – I love decorating cakes and cupcakes etc. My kids & I do this all the time and we’re always looking for neat stuff to decorate with and use in our Presentations!! Ha!

  362. i love cake stand..

  363. Wow, I like it. Is this for real? Really nice work!

  364. I love the smell of fresh mowed lawn at sunset in June. I love the sound of the wind blowing throw the poplar trees at 1 a.m. in July. I love the smell of spring and sounds of birds coing back from their winter break. I love the crisp, frozen landscape of winter when you can hear a whisper a thousand feet away and lose yourself in the rolling hills and drifts of snow. I’m feeling something for the first time ever, I miss winter as much as I miss summer. It’s been a long time waiting for spring, and winter never came. I am excited tonight though, because tonigaht we’re finally getting a good snow! I love the sight of snow falling, whether it’s driving down fast or floating down like little feathers. I love my son and husband, too of course, and tomorrow we’ll go sledding because I love that too!

  365. I also love cake stands and cloth napkins and dish towels and candle sticks and….I could go on and on!

  366. I love cake stands that have Cakes on them!

  367. I love baking and seeing the smiles it brings to peoples faces when they taste a delicious home made dessert!
    I also love any/all kind of cake stands to display many types of different desserts!

  368. I like Art an Appetite on FB !!!

  369. I love teacups and saucers. I also love 1950′s tableware.

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  374. I love collecting glass pitchers. I inherited half a dozen from my grandmother and am always looking for classic glassware pitchers to add to my collection.

  375. The two things I love dearly are Cake stands and vintage Pyrex bowls. I honestly have too many for my kitchen and always find a new one I must have.

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