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I can’t believe it’s been months since my last post! From now on, I’ll do my best to keep this site updated as much as possible. In fact, I’m thinking of adding a “gardening” tab for my upcoming gardening adventure. Let’s see how this one goes!

Okay, so I’ll keep this post as short as possible so we can proceed with the giveaway. You can scroll down at the end of this post if you really can’t wait. GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Check below for winners.

Here are some of my recent works:

Cake Central Magazine October-November Issue

Now and Then

This black and white cake was featured in the Now & Then article on Cake Central Magazine. I was asked to recreate Rod and Kathy’s vintage wedding cake and make something a little more updated. The vintage cake had the traditional pillars that were very common during that time. Since I wanted to challenge myself, I decided to incorporate that element in my design. But instead of using the actual pillars, I asked my dad to build me a cake stand that would mimic the architectural details of the columns. I think he did a fabulous job! What do you think?

Honestly, this was actually my very first square cake. At first, I could not get the edges look as sharp as what I envisioned. After many attempts, I had to settle down with the paneling method (think of laying tiles). Once the panels were attached, I spackled the seams with royal icing. It was so time consuming that I would never do square cakes again!

As you can see, the birds have finally evolved its wings and ready to fly away from my mind. Maybe those eggs will hatch one day and once again appear on one of my cakes. The bands and ribbons were made of  gumpaste while the monogram was painstakingly hand-cut by hand. Now, does anyone want to send me a Cricut Cake Machine?

Asian Yellow Cake

I was also asked by Cake Central Magazine to create an Asian inspired cake for their issue. I wanted to think outside the box (too much, maybe?) and stray away from the bamboos and cherry blossoms. So, I came up with this design using handmade, silicone molds of Chinese coins and ornate carvings. Again, I used a paper puncher over gumpaste to make the scalloped trellis border and then used a fluorescent light cover to leave the quilted impression on the bands. I wished the camera captured the actual shade of yellow but unfortunately, it didn’t. The magazine got it close with editing, though.

Last but not the least, the book finally came out! Two of my cakes were featured in the book 1000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies and Cakes by Sandra Salamony and Gina M. Brown. The cake pictured above is one of the two cakes that were printed. It was such a pleasure working with the authors! I’ll be giving away two copies of this book to two lucky winners! Take a look below for details.


To enter, just simply answer my question by leaving a comment below:

What do you enjoy making the most? Cupcakes, cookies or cakes?

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Contest ends on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 11:59 pm PST
Open to international readers
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336 Responses to “Recent publications and BOOK GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Cakes!!

  2. I love making and decorating cakes!!!

  3. I think I most enjoy doing cupcakes…they just recently created a spark in me that I want to focus more creativity on them.

  4. Gorgeous cakes, as usual, Rylan! Congratulations on the recent publications, too.

    I think I like making cookies the best. I love giving treats to friends and cookies are so much easier to transport and I can deliver just a few instead of a whole cake for one or two people. I do enjoy baking all three, though.

  5. Do I have to pick just one ? lol Well I think it would have to be cakes . I love making people happy with them. I love knowing that on that special day I helped to make them smile and to let them know how much that they are loved by someone. There is so much going on in the world today that all it takes it that 1 cupcake or cake to make someone happy and then pass that happiness along to someone else.

  6. I started with cakes and really enjoy them as a decorating ‘canvas’, but recently I’ve been making cupcakes for a couple events and I find I really enjoy experimenting with the different flavorings, especially adding ingredients like alcohol. Those little airline size bottles in different vodka flavors are so convenient when adding ‘punch’ to batters and buttercream. And I like the small size of cuppies as opposed to cakes.

  7. Cakes, but recently I have done a lot of practice cupcakes!

  8. I love making cakes!

  9. Cookies!!~~ for breakfast!

  10. I love making cupcakes specially if its for kids. Its just a simple way to eat and share a cake with a fun flare to it:)))

  11. Cakes all the way! has more surface to work with and to decorate :) (not counting the left overs to make great cake pops!)

  12. Cakes,of course, but pies run a close second – but that wasn’t one of your options!

  13. Those are gorgeous! I love your birds and am sad to see them leave. :) I really enjoy cake decorating but it’s so time-consuming I can’t stand to do more than one a month or so. So I guess cookies are a close second, because I can bang them out in a few minutes and enjoy them a few minutes after that. :)

  14. Cakes would definitely have to be a close run behind my all time favorite of gingerbread!

  15. I always love your work!!!!!!! Congrats on the book publishing!!!! I much prefer cakes although I think cupcakes are pretty fun and enjoy those equally. I really do not like making cookies too much but I do them occasionally!

  16. Gorgeous cakes Rylan! I love making cakes, but sometimes cupcakes.

  17. Cakes but cupcakes are growing on me too!

  18. Cakes! I always prefer decorating cakes because I feel like the creative options are endless! I LOVE your work and congrats on the book & magazine!

  19. Love making cupcakes, then cakes. cant make cookies to save my life

  20. Love Making Cakes!!!! I really Love your work! Gorgeous as always!!!,

  21. I think it depends, but I love that cookies can come together so fast to satisfy a craving!

  22. Cupcakes for sure! They’re so much easier to share and pass around :)

  23. I enjoy making all three, but I like making cakes just a bit more than the rest!

  24. I love, love, love making cakes! Cupcakes and cookies tie for second :)

  25. Love making cakes. Wishing that some day to be half as good as you.

  26. Cakes! But cupcakes ares slowly growing on me!

  27. I looove making cakes!!

  28. Wow your cakes look amazing!!! Maybe I can start saving up now and ask you to make a groom cake for me later ;P

    I like making all 3. Yum

  29. I enjoy making cookies and cupcakes. It so fun to decorate them into beautiful creations. And they are so good too.

  30. Dear Ry,

    I’m so pleased to hear from you again and was thinking about you just recently, wondering how things have been. Congratulations on all your great work; I’m so impressed and think your Dad did a great job with the design too, plus the golden cake is simply stunning. So to answer your question, I’m very much a cake person, perhaps because they can be as simple or complicated as you like and they never fail to hit the spot when I’m in need of serious comfort food. Take care.

  31. Cookies (at the moment) totally obsessed!

  32. Cookiessss!! love making cookies :)

    Thank you and congratulations, your cakes deserve to be in an art’s gallery!!! jaw dropping no kidding.

  33. Congratulations for you last work! Great!
    I like making cakes for my children and husband :)
    baci baci

  34. GORGEOUS work!
    I like making cake. Wish I could make it pretty though!

  35. GORGEOUS work!
    I like making cake. Wish I could make it pretty though!

  36. Cakes for sure! :)

  37. No preference.I enjoy making the three although I have to admit that cakes are more rewarding.

  38. Beautiful cakes! It’s a toss up I love making them all.

  39. Cakes, always!

  40. Cakes!!!! :)

  41. Cakes! but cupcakes when I’m in a rush =)

  42. Absolutely gorgeous cakes, Jene! Just beautiful! But where is the “other” one? (just kidding)Great work!

  43. Cakes!!!

  44. Cakes! Thank you for all of the inspiration Rylan, you are awesome!!

  45. I love making and decorating cakes! Cupcakes work in a pinch ;)

  46. Cakes, definitely!

  47. cakes cakes alwaysamigo…Me han encantado the new cakes…

  48. I love decorating cupcakes! There so fun to make. My favorite hobby.

  49. I would have to say cupcakes. I am not into doing them for beauty but for taste. I love giving my loved ones and neighbors tiny treats.

  50. Definitely CAKES! The options are endless – shapes, sizes, decorations, flavors, icings, fillings – so many possibilities!!

  51. Cakes! I love the look on my family’s faces when I show them the final product.

  52. I love making cakes and cupcakes but if I had to choose just one, then I’d have to say CAKES! Thanks for the fantastic inspiration.

  53. Cake’s for sure:) I started decorating again for my darling granddaughter and the look on her face when she wakes up at 5 am and sees the finished cake makes me want to cry, especially when it has been an all lighter!

  54. Cakes…definitely! I just wished they looked as good as yours! Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  55. Cakes! Much larger canvas in which to feed my artist’s soul!

  56. I love decorating cakes (though I am nowhere near as talented as you!), but cupcakes are great for making for others because they are quick and just the right size :)

  57. i love making cupcakes. it is also less of a mess for my little boy.

  58. Most definitely cakes!

  59. I enjoy making cakes the most because they are so much more impressive, even if all you do is frost it! Something about the size and height and the fact that cake is the traditional dessert used to celebrate any occasion.

  60. The cakes are outstanding as usual! I love making cakes, most definitely! And April 21st is my birthday…hint, hint!

  61. Cakes! I love them.

  62. You are BACK!!!! Rylan, you have been terribly missed! Congratulations on featuring on the book. The Chinese coins :-) ) Very cool idea!
    The other day I showed my friends your page…and they wowed, and wowed and wowed….LOL You are an artist!!


  63. I love baking cookies…because they are easier to handle. ;-) )

  64. cookies of course..because everytime you bite a cookie you smile….try biting on a cookie with a pout…love you fave

  65. cakes

  66. Hmmm, depends on the mood I’m in! But when it comes to my kids birthday parties, I do all three! :)

    Beautiful cakes! Love the Asian one… so bright and cheery!

  67. To be honest I don’t enjoy making any of them. My joy comes when I get to decorate any of the above mentioned pasteries. ;)

  68. Definitely Cakes! Cupcakes are fun to make and decorate too, but I don`t have enough patience to decorate cookies :)

  69. Hello, thanks for your words :)
    About the classes i dont think i can´t do it, i´m very shy for that :D



  70. I really wish I had even an ounce of your talent! Congratulations on all of the features, you are so creative and it’s great reading about how you come up with ideas to execute these cakes or works of art!

  71. Hi Rylan, thanks for dropping by. You have an totally blown me away blog. I love it!

    Congrats on being featured in the 1000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies and Cakes.

    You bet I will be coming in here often. You will be my inspirator from now. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful creation.


  72. Beautiful cakes! I love that cake pedestal that your father made – it is gorgeous! For me – I love love love making cakes!

  73. Hands down…CAKE!!! Glad to see you posting again!

  74. I like making cakes the best. I love the flexibility and endless design options with cake. I find myself seeing everything around me as an inspiration for a cake design (pillows, stickers, everything!) I would LOVE to watch you work for a day! Your work is stunning.

  75. Cakes all the way!

  76. I’d loooove some lessons from you. Those cakes are outstanding. Im amazed.

    I have to admit, I love me some cupcakes, cakes intimidate me, but cookies are always my go to snack if I need a hit of sugar.

  77. I love decorating cakes, with cupcakes coming in a close second!

  78. At the moment cupcakes – but I want to learn the art of cake decorating very badly!

  79. i love love love making cupcakes! (i love eating them as well), however, i hold a special place in my heart for my sugar cookies, but still need lots of practice in decorating. i love the cookies that people make, that look like little pieces of artwork!!! i am your latest follower!!!

  80. I like making cake the most. If only I could make them as clean and beautiful as yours! THanks for sahring your talent with us.

  81. Well, cupcakes by far are easier to make, but nothing beats the look on someone’s face when they see one of my cake creations made just for them and their special occasion.

  82. I prefer cupcakes. They’re so easy to make and can always be jazzed up with decorations.

  83. I absolutely love to make and decorate CAKES! I only wish I had more time to decorate the ones that I bake. Your cakes are stunning.

  84. Cakes allllll the way!!!!! Especially wedding cakes. I love how beautiful they are and what they represent :)

  85. Cakes!!! =)

  86. CAKES!!!

  87. Cakes! I love to come up with an idea and then see it through to the end. Some stuff doesn’t work out but I always have so many versions of the same thing in my head that there’s usually a backup plan. Just wish I had more time for them than I do.

  88. I love cakes so many possibilities

  89. I love making cakes, and cupcakes.

  90. Cakes!!!! :)

  91. CAKES … but mine aren’t as FABULOUS as yours! What absolutely gorgeous cakes you’ve created … WOW!!

  92. Definitely cupcakes, because each one can have a unique design and the presentation isn’t scuttled when one is eaten. Maybe I should make some right now….

  93. I love working with cakes and challenging myself to do bigger and/or better each time. Your work is truly an inspiration! Thanks for posting!

  94. Cakes, for sure… the whimsical kind!

  95. Cookies…but its a very hard choice to have to make!

  96. Cupcakes! everytime :)

  97. Oh, it’s cakes all the way. From start to finish. They represent to many things. Thanks for sharing such wonderful eye candy Ryland!

  98. cupcakes :)

  99. I enjoy them all! Cake is my canvas, cupcakes are always a surprise-u never know what filling will be inside, cookies always bring a smile to people’s faces :)
    Congrats and thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  100. I love to make cupcakes!! Specifically, carrot cakes with my signature creamcheese frosting.

  101. If I had to choose, it would be cookies! I love my cakes very very much and only hope to one day make one that is as beautiful as yours! But I like to involve my children and instill in them the need to know how to not only cook but bake! Baking is my passion and I hope they will love it as well!!! My children love to decorate cookies with me!

  102. I like it all :-) Cakes, cookies, cupcakes and chocolate. I am quite new at this yet, but I LOVE it!!!

  103. Cookies!!!!

  104. Miss you Ryland! Thank you for the comps on my new site and blog. You set high standards in the industry Ryland, and I appreciate your comments.

    I love doing cakes…from childhood ’till this day. Endless possibilities!


  105. Most definately cakes!!

  106. It’s a 3 way tie!! I love making all 3 and decorating them!! Recently I’ve been trying my hand at gourmet cupcakes!!!!

  107. Hard to pick,but I’ll go with cakes!

  108. CAKES!!!!

  109. Cakes but cupcakes come in at a close second!

  110. You are an ARTIST!!!
    I leave my comment to enter the giveaway…i absolutely LOVE decorating cookies :)

  111. Wow! Your cakes are amazing!!! Something I aspire to for sure. Thanks for being an inspiration! And your dad did a fantastic job :) I definitely like cakes best. Love decorating em :)

  112. I Love cupcakes the best. Your cakes are so beautiful and clean.

  113. Cookies!!!
    Fantastic cakes, as always. Thanks for sharing.

  114. I enjoy making all three..

  115. It’s got to be cookies! I know i’m a guy, but I just love the smell of a fresh batch of cookies. You know what the best part is? They’re small enough to fit in a backpack, a lunch sack or in a pocket. :P

  116. I started with cakes but fell in love with cookies. I seem to have a much easier time coming up with designs for cookies and could go an entire year without running out of designs to try.

    Your work is as gorgeous as ever – one of my favorite cake artists!

  117. Cakes! I love making all three, but cakes are my favorite. Thanks so much for the chance to win this lovely book.

  118. cupcakes!! congrats!!


  119. Hi Rylan!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I have added a google translater on the blog. Just for you ;)

    WOW! Your cakes are amazing! Love the design! I’m definitely adding you to my favorite blogs!

    I love to make cupcakes and cookies….and cakes. But I mostly bake cupcakes.

  120. Cupcakes- with two under 3 these are perfect to bake and freezew and pull out to decorate when the Kids are in need of a sweet treat!

  121. I love decorating cakes, it’s priceless the face and reaction of the recipient, even though cupcakes have a special place in my heart (because my girls loves them so much).

  122. I love doing cakes, but have really come to appreciate cupcakes in the last year or so. They are just so fast to bake and cool, which leaves a lot more time to decorate!

    Your cakes just get more amazing with time …

  123. Friends and family probably like my cakes and cupcakes best, but cookies are pure joy.

  124. I make more cakes than anything (actually pies first, then cakes), but I do love decorating cupcakes most of all.

  125. I love it all! I would pick cakes 1st but cupcakes are hand in hand too.The smile from the recipients (especially children) are worth it all.

  126. CAKES!!!

  127. Cakes!! :)

  128. I love it all, cookies, pies, breads, chocolate, if it’s sweet, I love to do them all, but, if I have to pick a favorite, it definitely would be cakes!

  129. Cookies definitely! I enjoy decorating them with royal icing.. baking them never gives me that feel-like-a-failure moments :)
    (youre so creative, i love your designs!)

  130. Cakes. Love the creative ways to decorate!

  131. I love making cakes!!!

  132. If only choose 1… will be cakes… if can multiple choice.. it definitely all.. cause each of that are different experience !! =)

  133. I love making cakes but would love to win this book for a friend who loves making gorgeous cupcakes…:O))

  134. Used to be cupcakes till I put fondant on my first cake. Now it’s all about CAKES baby!

  135. cookies…. cos everytime you take a bite on them my cookies you have to smile… try biting on one with a pout…love you fave

  136. My fav is cake by far…. the most rewarding feeling of accomplishment when it’s all done.

  137. I love making cakes my daughter loves to make cupcakes and this would be a book we would share!

  138. My favorite to decorate are cakes. I used to do it all the time, but haven’t for a long time now! Time for me to buy supplies and get back in to it.

  139. Cakes!!! Love when it all comes together beautiful.

  140. My favourite would have to be Cookies.
    I am featured in this book as well but haven’t got a copy yet so it would be nice to win! Thanks for the giveaway.

  141. Cookies, because they can be freeform – no special pans needed usually.

  142. The book looks so pretty.

  143. OH that’s a hard one to answer for me…..CAKES!!
    My kids one say one of the others because then there’s alway extra for them :) .

  144. Love,love,love to make cakes!!!

  145. I am always so impressed by your work! That yellow cake is especially gorgeous.

    I’m a cupcake girl!

  146. My number one are cupcakes, I really enjoy doing them. Sometimes I experiment with cakes, but they are way too simple and small when compared to yours. Your cakes are just stunning.

  147. Cakes – especially wedding cakes!

  148. Cookies…love to eat them too!

  149. Rylan – So happy you’ve come up for air. I’m having the same trouble, work has gotten so busy, I’ve just not had time to post.

    What incredible projects you’ve been up to, you are always such an inspiration. Given time and kitchen constraints I am a cookie gal, but I love making a good cake if I can. I’ve seen so many delicious recipes recently its only a mater of time before I bust something loose. =)

  150. love making cupcakes the most just like mini cakes for the grandchildren

  151. I love to bake and I get pretty inventive in my cookie baking. It’s hard to say which I prefer because I really love to fix everything. I guess my most favorite is cupcakes, but that is a close tie to cookies.

  152. Cookies

  153. What do you enjoy making the most? Cupcakes, cookies or cakes? Cakes

  154. Oh, I love to bake all three, but cookies has to be my favorite. But cupcakes are a close second. :-)

  155. I also like all three, but due to my limited time, I’d have to say cookies – easy to grab on the go, and easy to store!

  156. I love making cakes. My kid’s birthday’s are in a couple weeks and I’m excited to play and make their cakes.

  157. I enjoy making cookies the most.

  158. Bring on the cupcakes! Love baking me some of those!

  159. I’m an equal opportunity baker, but I do love baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes the most! I love being able to unleash my inner artist and just being creative. Thanks!

    Aliya D.

  160. I love to make cookies,but I like to decorate cakes the best.

  161. Love decorating cupcakes and cakes!! They are so fun :)

  162. Cookies. The first thing I ever baked from scratch on my own was Oatmeal Cookies. Cookies will always be my favorite because it started it all.


  163. I like baking all of them, but if I were forced to choose…cupcakes! captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  164. Christmas cookies :)

  165. i love decorating cakes! it’s starting to become an obsession!

  166. To me if I like your blog. It is very inspiring and tempting!
    Thanks for your comment, made ​​me very excited.
    Can I sign on the lot while living in Spain? Answering your questions tell you what I like best is to make muffins.

    A big kiss. Silvia

    A mi si que me gusta tu blog. Es muy inspirador y tentador!
    Gracias por tu comentario, me ha hecho mucha ilusión.
    ¿Puedo apuntarme al sorteo aunque viva en España? Contestando a tu pregunta decirte que lo que más me gusta es hacer magdalenas.

    Un beso fuerte. Silvia.

  167. Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!

  168. I enjoy making cupcakes.

  169. I love making cakes.

  170. Cakes…small cakes 6 or 8 inches.

  171. Cakes :)

  172. I love to bake cakes, but ask me what I bake most of the time and the answer would have to be cookies… hmmm… strange… :-D

  173. I am on a cupcake baking kick right now…yummy!

  174. CUPCAKES it is! Cakes next and cookies last.

  175. i love making all three, but i would have to say that i love making cupcakes the most because you can decorate them all different, it makes it more fun for the kids!!

  176. COOKIES!!!

  177. Gosh , what gorgeous cakes – congratulations! I love making cakes the most – o don’t decorate them, but I love the diversity of types and flavored and the technical challenges of cake making.

  178. Cupcakes!

  179. I’m best at cookies but I would love to learn to make delicious cake and learn to decorate them also….

  180. I enjoy making cookies the most. I make them quite frequently and enjoy it so very much.

  181. I enjoy making cakes the most.

    Congrats for more magazine features! Both are awesome!

  182. From Thanksgiving weekend until New Year’s my kitchen is a cookie factory. People ask for them during the rest of the year, but I decline. I have created my own recipes and some of them are to die for. I hve posted some pictures on my facebook page.

  183. With cupcakes I can control how many are eaten. I can still have a wonderful time icing & decorating.

  184. Congrats on the publications Rylan! So glad to hear from you again!

    I love making cakes!

  185. I love cakes

    Congratulations on *being published*
    How very exciting for you and for us to see.
    Not only for me – but to show my Caking Friends…. your creations.

    Me…love creating Cupcakes – whether making them all uniform or as individual as my Customers.

    So wonderful to catch up again – must stay in touch, my Ganache Friend :) :)

    Macine xx

  187. cupcakes…doubtless! :-)

  188. cake sounds the most fun .
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  189. cupcakes :)

  190. Cupcakes! :)

  191. Cupcakes! :) )

  192. I love making cookies. They are so easy to share!

  193. I love cake! Those are just beautiful.

  194. Cupcakes!

  195. Cookies

  196. Cookies :-)

  197. Ah i loooove making cakes!

  198. I love baking in general, but I would have to say making cupcakes is my absolute fave!
    vschilke at gmail dot com

  199. I enjoy making cakes most of all! I love the little details you can put into them. I also love my nieces and nephews oohs and aahhs when they see their cakes!

  200. cakes

  201. Cupcakes! Just put a batch of Hummingbird cupcakes in the oven :)

  202. I enjoy making cookies the best.

  203. I love making cupcakes!! :-)

  204. I most enjoy baking cupcakes. I love to see my grandson’s face when he sees the treat I have for him.
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  205. I love to decorate cakes, but love making cookies!

  206. I love to make cupcakes, especially for my children’s birthdays!

  207. Definitely cookies!!

  208. Cookies!
    irishdancer2459 (@) yahoo (.) com

  209. I think I love baking cakes the most. Cupcakes are a very close second. :D Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  210. CAKES!!

  211. I would say cupcakes because they’re so darn cute!

  212. cupcakes. they are so fun and I like that you can do something SO creative with something SO small…unlike most cakes.

  213. I love making cupcakes! or pupcakes as my 2yo calls them.

  214. Que feliz estoy de ver que este blog vuelve a estar aqui!!!
    Cuanto te añorado!!!
    Pues a decir verdad… a mi me encanta hacer cupcakes, cookies y cakes! All of them, but I prefer to eat cookies!!!
    Me encanta tu trabajo, y aqui en España aun no han llegado estas increibles impresoras capaces de “imprimir pasteles”!!
    Espero poder visitarte más a menudo, porque estoy inmersa en los estudios para mejorar profesionalmente (no soy pastelera! aunque no me importaria…)

    Mglòria de Gourmenderies

  215. Cookies but I would so love o decorate cakes and move that to the top of my list!

  216. I’d have to go with cakes, although cupcakes are a close second. There are so many possibilities you can do with those, from dough to fillings to frosting. With cookies, everything seems a bit two-dimensional and in my mind they always take forever to make and decorate.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)


  217. Cookies, because a cake seems wasteful with just my husband and myself to eat it. I’d love to learn to make beautiful cakes when we do have company though.

  218. I absolutely love making cupcakes.

    navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com

  219. Cakes!

  220. Cakes!!!
    mageenadilah at gmail dot com

  221. cupcakes… if I mess up.. I have 23 more to try again! … let’s me be adventurous ;)

  222. I enjoy making cookies the most, I enjoy eating cakes the most!

  223. I like making cookies. But love eating them all.

  224. i like cupcakes best!

  225. I think I like cakes the best,but they are all fun.

  226. Cakes because there are so many options with cakes. they are a bigger canvas and you can do a lot with them.

  227. I love making cupcakes the most because they are easy to eat, are perfect portion (sometimes too much cake is too much) AND decorating them is easy and so much fun!!!

  228. I love making the classic Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies. But I LOVE eating cakes and cupcakes.

  229. Cupcakes, of course!

  230. I love making cookies the best.

  231. I love making cakes!!!

  232. I love making cupcakes the most (though I do love to bake cakes, too!). I love being able to decorate each individual cupcake different than the last!

  233. Definitely cakes! Love decorating them!

  234. cupcakes! but I hardly ever know how to decorate them :s

  235. I like making cupcakes out of those three the best just because decorating them is so fun! And I’ve never baked a cake…

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  236. my husband and i love baking cupcakes. we always prepare a colorful cupcakes for our daughter.

  237. Cakes, I much prefer baking cakes.

  238. I prefer making cookies. It’s so hard to mess up when you’re baking cookies. You can even enjoy the dough BEFORE baking. There are several varieties of cookies: crunchy, chewy, thin, think, mini cookies, gigantic, chocolate chips etc. Sky’s the limit when you’re thinking of flavor combinations & add-ons.And that’s just the beginning. You can create edible structures with it (Gingerbread House, for example) and GO CRAZY decorating each delightful morsel.

  239. I enjoy making cakes :)

  240. that’s a very difficult question!
    at first i thought i’d say cupcakes because what’s more playful then cupcakes but then i remembered how much of a fuss i make every holiday that i’m expexted to make a cake! so there, i LOVE making cakes and then decorating them!
    fantastic giveaway!

  241. Cookies!!!

    btw, congrats! Thanks for the book giveaway. :)

  242. I enjoy baking cakes the most- because to me they represent a celebration!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  243. Decorating Cakes!! My sister and I love to do cake decorating together!

  244. I think cookies, but I enjoy them all! :)

  245. cupcakes! i love cupcakes!

  246. I like baking cakes best! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  247. i enjoy making cupcakes

  248. I like baking cookies because it’s something that me and my daughter can do together.

  249. I think cupcakes? It’s a tough choice!! I love all baking.

  250. Rylan, you’re so talented- congrats on all these published cakes!!

    How you get the fondant so smooth I will never know….you’re brilliant!!

  251. since I was the president of The Calgary Sugarcraft Guild for the past 3 years, I would definately say cake decorating! I would love to win this book- I had it out from the library just last week. Such beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for the giveaway

  252. I loveee making cookies because there are so many varieties that you can make!! You can add in what you want and it can totally change a recipe. :)

  253. cakes for me.

  254. cookies.

  255. cupcakes it is.

  256. cupcakes are definitely my no.1 choice!

  257. That is such a hard question!
    I adore making cupcakes cause they’re so fun, but I think cakes give me space for much more imagination and games, so I’ll choose cakes as my No.1

  258. Cutie Cupcakes!

  259. CUPCAKES!!

  260. Cakes, definitely!!

  261. I love making cakes. I’ve been trying to get creative with my cake making lately, and I would love to win this!

  262. Making cakes! My signature one is chocolate and vanilla checkerboard cake with raspberry glaze and chocolate ganache. mmm!

  263. I love making cakes!

  264. I like making cupcakes.. cause you dont have to be strict about everything.

  265. I like making cakes! I wish I was better at it! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  266. I like cupcakes the best!

  267. cakes!

  268. i like making cookies. they’re highly addictive

  269. cupcakes! there’s so many things you can do with them artistically

  270. Cupcakes!

  271. That is soooo tough! I almost want to deviate and say “brownies!” But of those three, I’d have to say cupcakes are my favorite to make :)

  272. I love making them both but my smaller kitchen prefers cupcakes

  273. I love baking and decorating cupcakes!

  274. Cupcakes HANDS DOWN!! There are SOOO many cute things you can do with cupcakes and they are delicious without being a huge serving!

  275. I enjoy the most making cakes!
    Thanks for the chance! :)

  276. of course cakes!! :)

    i want to enhance my skills in decorating cakes.

  277. Oh my gosh! I really want that book!!! :)

    Well, I love baking cookies! What I love most are chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies, but all cookies are so darn yummy!

    I bet this book would do me good and provide inspiration for my nest baking adventure!!

  278. i like do the cupcakes because it is less messy than others.
    beside, it is very colorful :)

  279. i really love making cakes it brings out the hidden talent of me

  280. Congratulations, that’s SO exciting!!! The book looks beautiful :) I’ll admit, I’m best at cupcakes and cookies because I’m not a very good decorator and decorating a whole cake intimidates me a bit. I’d love to learn, though!

  281. Cakes. Yum yum

  282. Cupcakes! :D (And congratulations!!)

  283. I love to bake cakes. They give me so much more freedom to experiment with decoratin. I bake a lot of cupcakes, though, and they give me the room to experiment with flavor in smaller batches – coming up with great recipes. Cookies would be the area I don’t get to do enough. But, in the end, its’ gotta be cake!

  284. It’s got to be cakes! Making cakes is fun and the most enjoyable thing to do in the kitchen.

  285. I love cakes! Baking and decorating cakes brings out the artist in me!

  286. what amazing work you made with those cakes! they are so gorgeous!

    i love making cookies most! i like to make large batches and give tons of them away :)

  287. I think cupcakes are my favorite! They are so versatile … could do many different designs with a batch of them! One of my recent favorite things to do with them is frosting them all together – making it look like a cake! Love it!!!!! :o )

  288. Cupcakes bake the fastest. :)

    a i m e e h a g e r t y j o h n s o n a t g m a i l d o t c o m

  289. I like making cupcakes with my daughter. We enjoy decorating them and then of course eating our beautiful creations.

    You do beautiful work. Congrats on having some of your work published in this great book.

  290. i enjoy making cakes most but i love to eat all three ha ha

  291. ~I love working on custom cakes, but I also love decorating cupcakes!!!! :-)

  292. I enjoy doing Cakes..I love the reaction to them…My family are my biggest Fans..Can wait to start new projects…Making cakes brings out the artist in me.

  293. Cakes, definitely!

  294. Your cakes are astounding.. what talent!
    I love making cupcakes! I would love trying some fancy decorating!

  295. I think the alleged phrase of Marie Antoinette stands true… “If they do not have bread, let them eat cake.”

  296. I love baking cakes and I never get tired of looking at picture from many decorators.

  297. well I love baking but if I have to pick one I have to say cakes. but I want to learn anything that has to do with decorating

  298. Cupcakes all the way!

  299. cupcakes is it

  300. I love making cupcakes. You can have so many different ideas and use them all at one time!

  301. I like making cookies but I’m learning how to decorate cakes lately so that’s fun too…

  302. I like making cakes the most :I

  303. Cupcakes! (Though I recently made cake pops and those were pretty cool)

  304. Definitely, Cakes!!!

  305. Cookies!!!

  306. I love making cupcakes because I have a family of varied tastes.

  307. I love making cookies, because that’s what I’m better at. I’d love to become just as good at cakes! :)

  308. I love cookies, so that’s what I would make.

  309. I like making cupcakes best!

  310. Cookies!!! Nom nom nom nom nom

  311. Love Love LOVE Making cupcakes and Cookies, you can be so creative to each one and give it a style of its own, awesome give a way, hook a gal up

  312. I enjoy making cakes the most, as I can make a variety!:) Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway. You are very kind. :)

  313. I like making cookies, mostly because I like cookie dough. ;)

  314. I love making Cakes and the kids enjoying eating them! LOL

  315. I love cookies, but I think I would love to try (cup)cake decorations, because I am discovering I really enjoy sculpting, so sculpting in sugar must be twice as sweet!

  316. You are really my Idol with it comes to decorating cakes.
    I love all your work. Keep it up my friend!!

  317. I enjoy making cupcakes the most. They are just always so bright and cheerful.

  318. I love making any of them but I guess i have more fun making cookies!

  319. Cakes.. I love making all three though!

  320. I enjoy making cakes the most.

  321. I LOVE making cakes!

  322. Tough question… I like making cookies the most, but I love decorating cakes and cupcakes! Great giveaway and congrats!

    ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com

  323. I enjoy making cupcakes the most!

  324. I l o v e them all, but I do have to say that cupcakes have a special place in my heart :]

  325. I do like experimenting with cookies but cupcakes are my favorite.

  326. My favorite things to eat are cookies, although cupcakes are a close second. Cake is good too though! I am enjoying cookie decorating at the moment. BTW thanks for stopping by and commenting on the snowflake cookies. :)

  327. Thank you all for entering! The giveaway ends today. I will post the winners soon!

  328. Cookies!!! I love cookies but I really want to know how I can make cupcakes. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  329. I enjoy making apple pie!!!

    Your book is amazing art of cookery!!! I cross my fingers!

    Thank you for the chance!


  330. hi rylan I am just in awe in front of your master pieces and many thanks fro your kind message on my blog ; you should like the last post !!Pierre

  331. I love making cupcakes, it is so fun! :) Looks so pretty when lined up on a cupcake stand!

  332. Cakes!

  333. lovely and gorgeous cakes…

  334. Congrats to the winners and to you for this wonderful cakes! :)




  336. Cupcakes, because it is possible to make each one a work of art and a delight to the eye (as well as tummy) – and at little cost – which makes for a happy baker.