Desert Gardening 2011

Posted in April 29th, 2011, under Food, Gardening, Home Decor

Some of you probably figured out that I live in the fabulous city of Las Vegas; however, not many know that Las Vegas is actually a desert. So, what does this have to do with cakes? Well, nothing.

What I really want to talk about is growing your own food. I have always wanted to grow vegetables and herbs but the desert climate keeps intimidating me. Remember, when visiting Las Vegas for the first time, you should either bring a fur coat or a swimsuit. That being said, it either gets too hot or too cold over here. We have our occasional good weather but it never lasts long.

So, what grows in the desert? Not just cactuses that’s for sure! Take a look at my herb bed.

I built this stacked herb bed a couple of weeks ago with just regular, construction lumber. I would actually prefer to use Trex, redwood or cedar (rot resistant) but since we are just renting, I didn’t invest too much. Also, when building your raised beds, make sure not to use treated wood. Chemicals will leach into the soil and contaminate your food. Of course, if you are just growing ornamental flowers, that is okay.

I added the dividers to keep each herb contained. I also think it looks more organized this way.

This boxwood basil is probably the lushest herb in my bed.

You can use chives in endless possibilities!

Italian parsley for pastas, salads and garnishing dishes! Doesn’t it look like cilantro?

How about some lemon verbena on your iced tea?

I haven’t cooked with Thai basil yet but I’m sure they would be great for Southeast Asian cuisine.

Sweet basil is definitely a staple in Italian dishes. This is probably my commonly used herb, too.

Doesn’t this lemon thyme look beautiful in the herb bed?

This one is called pineapple sage. When I first saw it, I was intrigued by the name. It actually smells like pineapple!

Ready for some lavender ice cream?

I was surprised to see some curry at our local nursery! I love the aroma!

There was a huge variety of rosemary to choose from and I only get to pick one. One day, I’ll have a rosemary garden!

Keep your oregano and mint trimmed and contained so it doesn’t spread all over. These herbs actually inspired me to add the dividers.

Do you like adding dill to your tar tar sauce and potato salad?

I also have a raised bed with three varieties of strawberries. A few days ago, I picked off all the strawberries and blooms. I wanted the plant to first focus on growing some leaves than bearing fruits. That way, I get a better harvest next time.

I’m also growing six varieties of peppers. Peppers are actually perfect in the desert; as well as eggplants, okras, melons and some varieties of tomatoes. I wish I can plant them all!

I planted several of these collards and I’m not exactly sure of the variety. I’m guessing they are Georgia collards?

Of course, I can’t forget my bok choy. They are wonderful for stir fries and stews!

As you can see, plenty of things can actually grow in the desert. Of course, you wouldn’t want to plant cabbages during the desert summer nor plant tomatoes in the freezing winter. Keep in touch with your local nurseries and see what grows well in each season. Get some good organic soil and compost; plus don’t forget to water them regularly (just don’t water them too much).

Special thanks to Jason Tucker for giving me advice on growing edibles here in Las Vegas. I couldn’t do it without him! Also, I would like to thank John Kohler for inspiring me to start gardening! Thank you!

What are you waiting for? Start growing now!

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178 Responses to “Desert Gardening 2011”

  1. Your taste in all arts and creativity never ceases to amaze me. Your are jam packed with so much talent. Is there anything you aren’t incredible at? Keep up yhe great work! I am sure you fill exceed far in life!

  2. Every post of yours is a piece of art…you are making me ask my husband built his for me in my not too big terrace…Just lovely! Do you have any advise on how to build this? what about drain?

  3. Oh my god, your garden is beautiful!! I love how you divided your herb boxes. It looks so neat and tidy. I have quite an array of herbs that I recently planted….I might be inspired to do the same style of boxes. Love hearing about your garden!

  4. Rylan,
    Love this! Most of my backyard is a container garden, but we face totally different challenges with the damp and chilly weather in Seattle: Potatoes-yes, berries – yes, okra – not so good. Most everyone’s rosemary didn’t make it through last winter, and of course, we have to wait to plant our Basil (an annual) until the ground really warms up.
    The herbs that I use constantly: lavender (not all are good for cooking – check the variety first), basil (many varieties), cilantro, chocolate mint, other mints (yes, emphasize – only plant these well contained), thyme, chives, rosemary, dill and one you HAVE to try – Greek Oregano.
    This is such a great example of container gardening, Ry, I did not know that you could grow tomatoes in the desert – do they have to receive partial shade or something?
    One really fun thing – you probably have already done this – is instead of flowers in your pots on your patio/deck/balcony, plant a mini herb garden – just as you would put different flowers – vary the textures, colors and heights – crowd them more than you think you should, lots of organic fertilizer.
    Thanks for sharing some happy signs of Spring!

  5. Awesome garden! I’m trying (here in Utah) and I really stink at it. I tried planting a few herbs inside first, but they are just not growing enough to put them outside, where it keeps snowing anyway. sigh
    Your garden looks awesome!

  6. WOW! Love how green and bright everything is. I wish I could do some gardening, but I don’t have any space and I’m a bit on the lazy side.
    Awesome stuff!

  7. Your garden is beautiful! Everything is you do turns out amazing! We are buying our first house and one of the things I’m excited about is having a yard and starting a garden. I would love to try building a stacked herb bed like this one. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Beautiful set up for your herbs. My granddaughter (5 years old then)and I grew herbs last summer from seed, and really enjoyed going out to cut what we needed for recipes. But an added bonus was when we discovered that butterflies are attracted to many herbs. We had flat leaf parsley and curly parsley and ended up watching caterpillars eating all our parsley, and ended up having black swallowtails flying all over the garden. What fun! This year we are going to plant herbs all over the yard and I am planning on making a butterfly habitat to have ready when the caterpillars show up. Then she will be able to watch the whole process from beginning to end. Then we can open up the habitat and turn them lose. What fun we will have:) Check out this website which list herbs and the butterflies that are attracted to them:

  9. Your herb garden looks amazing, and is as close to my dream garden as I think I”d get. I love all the herbs you’ve shown and you are going ot have a wonderful time playing with them. Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. Katcha, Koko, Katrina, Jessica, Ari and OysterCulture, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope to see you create a garden as well. I think I’ve got the garden bug! It is so addicting! Hope you are all doing well and having a wonderful time baking/cooking!

    Rosilet, thank you! Check out this video for how to make a raised bed:

    For drainage, you can actually put an inch or two layers of rocks or sand at the bottom. I didn’t put any because my soil is wonderful and drains easily (lots of compost).

    Bonny, thanks for your tips! I’d really love to start the flower box. I think it would add some color and make it feel more like spring. I’d love to keep in touch with you (still have your email) in regards to the flower choices. I love Greek oregano! Actually, the oregano posted above is Greek, however they have not yet grown upwards (just spreading low). I wonder why.

    Pamela, thanks! That is awesome! The butterfly habitat sounds wonderful. I’d love to do something like that, I would just have to see how they would survive in our summer heat. Thanks for the link, I’ll keep that saved. Good luck on your butterflies!

  11. It all looks gorgeous! You’ve done an amazing job. I on the other hand do not have a green thumb at all! I seem to kill everything that I plant :( . Luckily my mum lives next door to me and she has a vegie and herb patch so I can just steal my fresh food from her :)

  12. I am so jealous.. I kill EVERYTHING I plant

  13. I wish I had this amount of space. I grew tomatoes and basil last year and planted some basil and strawberries this year. *fingers crossed*

  14. Seriously Rylan, you are making me want to live in your blog!!! Gosh..look at your garden..I am totally envy with GREEN! LOL

  15. What an incredible garden Rylan! OK along with wishing I had your cake decorating talent I’d also love your talent with gardening! :D

  16. ohhhh emmmmmm geeeeeee!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your herb garden!!! i wish i could come hang out and just look at your pretty plants ALL. DAY. LONG. :o )
    andddddd can you believe, i have NEVER been to VEGAS?!? lol. i know, hard to believe. but, my friend this is true! xo have a wonderful day~

  17. Your herb garden is big, organised and lush. You certainly have green fingers! I’m really impressed.

  18. not so easy to grow herbs in Paris But I have sage on my terrace !!pierre

  19. thank you so much! you inspire me! I also live in Vegas & spend sooo much $ on produce & I wanted to grow my own & live in a condo… lol – I will start on this soon – my new project… question… is there a specific time in the year to yield the best results?

    many thanks in advance

  20. Oh wow this is beautiful!! Okay, I have to show this to my husband. Ours are currently in little pots and so not organized. Great garden Rylan!

  21. Oh how your garden grows! It really looks fabulous. We grow a lot of our food, it just taste better.

  22. What a beautiful garden. I just subscribed to your blog; LOVE your cake decorating!!!

  23. I love your herb garden! The planters are a great idea. We discovered that sautéing lemon verbena on chicken is super yummy and gives a lemony flavor. And just wait until your pineapple sage blooms next fall. It’s gorgeous!

  24. Great looking gardens, now I noticed you planted multiple peppers in the same garden bed, I’ve made that mistake before. Peppers will cross pollinate. Especially if you have sweet/mild along side hot. Be careful when you bite into what you think is a sweet/mild pepper. You might want to have a glass of milk handy just in case. And yes I did learn this the hard way.Always keep your peppers species separated, unless you are purposely trying to grow hybrids

  25. We live east of Albuquerque at 8k ft. We have similar challenges as you, but herbs seem to grow flawlessly, I guess they are tough :)

    We love thai basil btw. Try for a show case dish with basil.

    Enjoy and thanks for sharing your beautiful herb garden!

  26. Just came upon your blog from Pinterest – great herb garden. Very similar climate here in Phoenix as you know but I am also very successful with the herbs which surprised me. I started with the whole idea of nothing ventured nothing gained ;) .
    One thing that did happen in one of my gardens is I did not separate the mint and it did take over. However, I used it to my advantage. I am able to plant carrots and cucumbers and the mint takes the heat and sun for the team and protects the more tender carrots and cucumbers soo sometimes mistakes can be turned around.
    I think I am going to follow your lead though. I am LOVING what you did. Really pretty and great idea! ♥ Thank you for taking the time to post this. Hope the garden is still doing great a year later!

  27. Could you tell me how you did the back bed of the herb bed that is higher? Did you put a plywood floor in the bottom of the box? Is it up on blocks? It would be awesome if you could send me a picture from the end of the herb bed so I can see. Are your squares one foot square? I see you placed this bed against a wall. Do you have any trouble reaching the back bed? Did you use 2 x 10′s? Thank you for answering my questions. I so much appreciate you posting this.

  28. Looks awesome!!!!! ;)

  29. Good luck with those strawberries! You might want to consider a sun shade for them. The sun can burn them. We had a garden in Phoenix for many years. Peppers always grew well, and had great luck with chives, basil, rosemary and thyme. Watermelons grow wonderfully. Of course citrus grows great as well. That’s the one thing I miss since we’ve moved — we never had to buy lemons, oranges or grapefruits!

  30. Do you hand irrigate? I didnt see any drip system. Nice artsy herb garden. I’ve grown veggies and herbs in Vegas for over 20 years. Raised beds with amended soil, well mulched, fertilized and never missing a watering day in the heat, are all keys to success. A lot of the herbs you chose are perennials and many of the annuals reseed themselves.

  31. I love gardening! Thank you for posting images of your herb garden. I have a garden too, but my herbs are indoors. Looks like I can move them outside now. Thanks! =)

  32. Simple yet elegant. Great design and great images as well!

  33. Love this about to buy a house so I will build the boxes this winter and have the ready for the spring. I am so excited to get started. Love your idea thanks for sharing

  34. I enjoyed reading about your herb garden. What were the approximate dimensions of your garden boxes? I am exploring options for herbs at our new home. Thank you, Ann

  35. Just found you on pinterest. Love this tiered box. I want to make one for the side of my house. How did you build the raised box in the back row? The lowes video you referenced only shows how to make a small box. Also, are the front Row and bak row attached? Thanks.

  36. Will you send me the “How To’s” and materials list you used to make the raised herb boxes? I want it, I am your neighbor to the north in Utah, another desert. I do come to Las Vegas occassionally.

  37. Hi, found you on pinterest.. Love your raised bed, very inspiring…

  38. Beautiful garden , my herb garden is the favorite place in my garden

  39. Wow! Your raised beds look so refreshing. We have a garden and it got taken over by so many weeds that we just have up. I just showed my husband your ideas and asked if he would turn the garden into ALL raised beds. I love the contained areas! We are composting this year so we also look forward to some rich compost and liquid fertilizer.
    Blessings and happy growing!

  40. I LOVE your idea and pictures! I am a OSU Master Gardener and I bet I could “talk garden” with you any day~~your garden is so beautiful! By the way, we can now use treated outdoor wood because they have changed the formula and it no longer contains the “bad stuff”. It will be fun to watch those blueberries after another season. I live in Salem OR (which is pretty much the same as a Mediterrainian climate and they grow great here!

  41. Hello! I absolutely love your garden beds! I found your site on Pinterest and would love to know how you made this? I am inspired to build one in my backyard! Thank you and I just love the pics!

  42. I also absolutely love your garden beds! I found your site on Pinterest and would love to know how you made this? I am going to be building a garden this Spring for several of us on the block as my yard has great Southern exposure. We will all share in the cost & maintenance and I am inspired to build one like yours. This is exactly what I had envisioned all this time!!! Thank you so very much & I look forward to your instructions, please and thank you!!! My email address is

  43. I love this garden ideas, we seem to be on the same page, but would love to get some instructions, kind of a path to work with and I have pictures of what I’ve been wanting to do just don’t know how to start. My yard is a blank yet in need of work piece of canvas. any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  44. [...] just discovered this gem of a post on theArt and Appetite blog and quickly wrote to them for permission to share their image, which they kindly gave. I’ve [...]

  45. This looks FANTASTIC. It is just what I need for my patio. Can I get some instructions on how you built it? please and thank you!


  46. These beds are great! They make me want to get ready for spring! Since we will not be going anywhere for spring break I thought what a great time to start building beds! If you have some instructions for this amazing herb bed I would love them. I am assuming you used a 2x6x6 or 8, and then cut 6 inch pieces to separate (approx 6″x6″ squares). what I am not sure about is what is on the bottom or what the second tier is sitting on.

    Since you are in Vegas I am sure your garden is on its way!

  47. I also live in the desert in AZ, down in the valley and have built several raised beds for my flowers but I love this idea of layered long beds, I will be building one tomorrow. Great ideas. I use all the scrap lumber from Home Depot so it makes it real cheap to build.

  48. Now the real question is what is it going to look like 6 months from now. :-) Your boxes and new plants are beautiful. I’ve been gardening for a while now and some of those herbs look great when you first plant them but when summer rolls around they aren’t the easiest to grow. I learned the hard way that they all don’t like the same conditions nutrients/soil texture/acid or alkaline soil/sun/water I learned this the hard way. :-( I’m telling you this so hopefully you can save some of your plants there… Read up now on the individual plants some don’t like good dirt! Or, like to be watered regularly, they are more like weeds! Hope things go well with you. Don’t you just love the smell?

  49. The youtube video says its private. I would really like to know how you made your beds.

  50. Thai basil is wonderful. Easy to grow. Wonderful aroma. And is essential in stir fry….the missing ingredient in most home stir fry. Love it!

  51. [...] Art and Appetite blog shared what herbs they choose to grow in their double level raised garden beds in what looks like to be a square foot gardening method.  Click below to take a peek: [...]

  52. This is beautiful! I am new to gardening and looking for many ideas to enhance and beautify my space. I do have few questions. The first is would you be willing to give the dimensions/how to video of of your herb planter? Also, because I am new to gardening and did not know that I should not use pressure treated lumber in my raised beds, what should I do now that they are already planted out? It there any way to fix it without digging up all the amendments and soil and the new plants I just planted. I guess I am naive to this. I did not know there was such a problem with pressure treated wood. I was trying to prolong the life of the bed.

    Thanks for your beautiful idea and any help is appreciated!

  53. This is awesome. I live in AZ and will be planting my garden soon. Yours is so beautiful!

  54. Hi, I tried to view Your video on youtube but it is private. Cold you please Amend or post instructions? Many thanks

  55. [...] Love how neat this is!!  Each herb has it’s own little area and these planter boxes would be pretty easy to make.  This would be a great option if you use a lot of different types of herbs.  Or you could also do a mix of herbs and flowers.  Source. [...]

  56. ILIKE IT.

  57. Fantastic & great idea for those with smaller yards or live in unit blocks.

  58. Love this idea for growing herbs….well done. I live in Australia and this idea is perfect for my small backyard. Thanks for sharing.

  59. I have the same question as cari. What is the back row raised on? Also, do you hand water, sprinkle or do you use a drip line?

  60. I would really appreciate some instructions on how to build this raised bed. This is a fantastic idea!!!
    Could you please email me?

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  62. I have an question I am planting lemon verbena in an planter my son made- he made it so that 6 ‘ of soil can be placed in I want to plant verbena is 6″ of soil enough. thanks Your herb garden is gorgegous

  63. Wow, awesome pictures!

  64. Awesome idea, thanks for sharing!

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  74. In my Los Angeles-area garden, my pineapple sage produces bright red flowers.

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  79. Could you tell me what size boards you used. My husband says it is 2 x 4 I think it looks more like 2 x 6.

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  86. what are more of the structural details to your herb garden? Do you have drainage holes? What are the dimensions of each box about 1 sq ft? I love the neatness of it all. Nice work!

    Tom , Northern Vermont

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  89. Anyone have the blue prints on how to make this stacked herb box .

  90. Thanks for the info, we also live in Vegas. How often do you water and is it on a automatic drip? Thanks

  91. [...] Desert Gardening 2011 [...]

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  113. [...] Are you more into growing herbs than veggies? Then these square planters are for you. They are just as easy to put together as raised beds but they’ll keep your herbs separate. Yay for no mint in the basil! (via Art and Appetite) [...]

  114. [...] Are you more into growing herbs than veggies? Then these square planters are for you. They are just as easy to put together as raised beds but they’ll keep your herbs separate. Yay for no mint in the basil! (via Art and Appetite) [...]

  115. [...] Are you more into growing herbs than veggies? Then these square planters are for you. They are just as easy to put together as raised beds but they’ll keep your herbs separate. Yay for no mint in the basil! (via Art and Appetite) [...]

  116. [...] Are you more into growing herbs than veggies? Then these square planters are for you. They are just as easy to put together as raised beds but they’ll keep your herbs separate. Yay for no mint in the basil! (via Art and Appetite) [...]

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  121. [...] Art and Appetite stacked their backyard herb beds to optimize the space they had available.  Aren’t they beautiful? [...]

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  124. [...] Stepped Individual Herb Garden tutorial from Art and Appetite [...]

  125. I don’t understand. There is nothing that tells how you build the planter nor how you are keeping the herbs and veggies from bolting in the desert heat. What wall on they on? N,S,E,W; how often do you water, did you use anything in your planting soil to retain water, do you use a shade cloth in midday? how much lumber, what was the cost, etc. The photos are beautiful, but it’s marked as a tutorial.

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