Cake Central Magazine and Minted Ad

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Hello everyone! I know, it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve had families from around the globe visiting us and I’ve been swamped with so many projects. To start it off, I want to share some cakes I’ve done for a couple of magazines.

A few months ago, I worked with Jackie Shaffer of Cake Central Magazine to create a cake for their August issue. The magazine has monthly trends, where they feature different cakes of the same theme. This time, they wanted something Chandelier inspired. Here is what I came up with.

Black chandelier cake

I went with something simple yet clean. Simple isn’t always easy because there is very little room for mistakes. A huge chunk of my time was actually spent on getting the fondant smooth and clean. I barely cover a cake at night because there is very little light to spot the flaws. The sun is definitely my best friend when it comes to cakes. The black accents in the other hand were done using molds found here. I then enhanced them by brushing a couple layers of confectioners glaze.

Summer Topsy Turvy Cake

This cake was featured in the summer section of the magazine. It was actually my first topsy turvy cake and also my first experience with giant roses. Thanks to my good friend, Jacqueline Butler for her guidance. Comparing my roses to hers, I wish I could have done a better job. She is a flower empress!

Oh, and I used this mold to create the floating effect on the bottom tier, while the other elements were done using  custom molds.

For this next cake, I worked with Victoria Smith and Suzanne Shade for the Minted Ad they were working on. This beautiful ad is featured in Town and Country Weddings Magazine Fall/Winter. Also, check out the Minted website for beautiful invitations.

Pink and chic cake

Victoria wanted a cake similar to my signature “birds and buds” cake. With very little time on creating this cake, I was glad I kept the extra buds I made from my last project. This is one actually turned out to be my favorite version. Check out Victoria’s beautiful blog to see the behind the scenes.

You know, I really missed blogging. To celebrate my come back, I will be posting a book giveaway next week! So stay tuned!

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53 Responses to “Cake Central Magazine and Minted Ad”

  1. I am posting this on my FB! Wonderful! Simply wonderful!

  2. Way to go ! So proud of you !Love the cake !

  3. Wow rylan you are so talented! Your work is so finely tuned. I can’t comprehend how much talent you possess. Keep doing what you do.

  4. Fabulous as always…such gorgeous photos! Great to see you blogging again…we miss you out here! What’s next…hope we can collaborate on something in the near future! xo

  5. You are finally BACK!!!!!!! I miss your artwork!
    Look at the cakes…whoa..your magic hands!!


  6. Great your back….I missed your beautiful cakes..I love the chandelier cake, how truly fab…I think your roses came out great…perfect post for your welcome back..


  7. Rylan, you HAVE been a busy girl! I love the floating look of the rose cake…will look into your link after I finish this comment.
    Your birds and buds cakes are always my favorite. And the black and white cake, while not my cup of tea, looks impossible!
    Also will check your link to Minted invitations.
    So nice to have you back!

  8. Welcome back! Lovely post with some stunning, flawless cakes. I can’t believe it was your first topsy turvy! And so lucky you were able to work with Jacqueline – that must’ve been quite an experience!

  9. Oh. My. Gosh. You just killed me Rylan. Those cakes are beyond awesome! I’m really glad you’re back. I missed you and your art and inventions. Looking forward to your new posts! :) Petra

  10. Great to have you back at last – I’ve missed your posts and jaw dropping creations. Glad to see you’ve been hard at work with those. Congratulations on all the beautiful cakes – you thoroughly deserve all your success and I hope there are even bigger and better things ahead.

  11. congratulations on your recent publications – I have missed you and have been wondering where you have been…busy I see.

  12. Rylan, I always love your cakes! You have an amazing eye for design and color. Each cake is definitely a work of art and always perfection.

  13. Welcome back online! Amazing cakes, beautiful!

  14. What a lovely way to start a morning – a new post of your gorgeous work. The topsy turvy is stunning/elegant and color perfection. Glad you have been busy and even happier that you choose to share your art.

  15. Goodness me your talent really blows me away! These are works of art! :o

  16. You are so talented!!! These are all soo beautiful. The chandelier cake is so unique and amazing. So glad you posted!! Congrats on getting all of this work published in magazines!

  17. You are such a talented creator of real masterpieces,..that’s for sure!

    Waw!! All of these high creations look nearly to good to savour!!

  18. Hey Rylan! These cakes are gorgeous. I can’t even imagine making something like this. But I’m with you on the ‘simple’ thing when it comes to decorating. It’s so much harder to properly execute simply art-there is almost no room for error-true.
    Oh, and are those green calamondins in that top photo!? Hmm, maybe limes? Either way, they are so pretty, and I love both (smile).

  19. Lindo y Chic amigo !

  20. Welcome back to the blogging world! Hope you’ve had wonderful moments and also like those cakes – wow they’re magnificent more for a sweet lover like me :)



  21. Hey Rylan I love your wonderful cakes. Theyre so beautiful, i alway look forward to seeing one of ur cakes on a magazine.

  22. Holy cow, glad to have you back to be inspired by all the amazing work you do, That black and white cake is just awesome!

  23. Welcome back! It sure is fun to see your lovely creations again.

  24. Oh, welcome back, have been longed for your new creations and I got 3 amzing cakes in a shot, not 1, not 2, but I’m looking for more, lol.

  25. Absolutely stunning. The last one is my favourite… but, they are all so lovely.

  26. Fantastic! You’re just as good as any professional/competitor on FN shows I’ve ever seen.

  27. Thanks for your comment :) the design its not mine, the client gives me onde photo from internet. its not tottaly equal but almost :) kisses Andreia

  28. I’m glad you’re back! I always love seeing the beauties that you come up with and these are awesome. I especially like the first one. Very modern.

  29. What a return, Rylan!! These are some beauties :) Please do some tutorials if you have the time!

  30. These are just stunning! I am always wowed by you. I really love the chandelier cake! It’s breathtaking.

  31. Hi Rylan
    THaks for your message on my blog and happy you are back I am in awe in front of all these masterpieces ; this is more than cooking just art !!!
    bravissimo !pierre from Paris

  32. If I ever find myself a man (or chain him down)…I’m gonna BEG you to make my wedding cake. Or maybe I’ll just make a big event, just so I can flaunt your gorgeous masterpieces. Golly! I’m just…speechless.

  33. congratulations on your awards and achievements! your creations are all so gorgeous!

  34. Ils sont de toute beauté, quelle finesse et quelle délicatesse ! j’adore

  35. Your cakes never cease to astound me.

  36. Congrats on all of these magnificent cake towers!! they all look so festive, apart & nearly to pretty to savour!!

  37. Wow! These cakes are amazing! I just subscribed to Cake Central magazine, so hopefully I will see more of your work in there!

  38. Great photos. Can’t wait for giveaway.

  39. common! you actually don’t want to each such cakes :) ) It is too beautiful!

  40. Such a cool site! :) I came here because you made a comment on my Apel blog:

    I think you might be more interested in my Cookie Art blog: In particular:

  41. Oh my goodness. I am SO glad I found your blog, following immediately. Thank you so much for visiting my little space, I’m blushing furiously at my so-called cake decorating attempts after seeing your grand designs. Absolutely jaw droppingly stunning!

  42. I have wedding cake pictures posted ALL over my place.


  43. That black and white cake is something I could only dream of having! So beautiful.


  44. Amazing! You are so talented. Congratulations on your blogoverary!

  45. Beautiful cakes! Amazing stuff – you are so talented! This makes me want to be a caker – haha!

  46. You are a genius. Beautiful work.

    Plan B

  47. Great post, truly!

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  49. what a nice wedding cakes

  50. nice wedding cakes !

  51. This cake is simply breaktaking!! I am making my first wedding cake, and this is the size I’m looking for – minus the top tier. Is there any way you could share what size pans you used and how many layers you used for each tier? I’d so appreciate it!

  52. The previous inquiry was in regards to the bottom cake – the birds and buds.


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