Family time!

Posted in April 25th, 2010, under Misc.

I hope everyone is doing great! Sorry, I haven’t been blogging, checking out blogs or answering emails. I have been really busy. We had 5 sets of visitors the past few weeks. I’ll be back in a few days after answering all the emails in my inbox.

Have a nice week!

19 Responses to “Family time!”

  1. No worries!

  2. I’ve missed your amazing cakes! Hope to see some more soon. Cheers!

  3. hope to see ya soon


  4. Enjoy. Looking forward to more great cakes in the future.

  5. Enjoy your time with family and looking forward to your future posts!

  6. You have to enjoy some things other than cakes sometimes! :)

  7. Whew! Busy busy. Looking forward to your future posts :)

  8. See you soon.

  9. Just checking in…

  10. Have a lovely week as well!

    Many greets from sunny Brussels, Belgium!!!! images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

  11. Family time is the most important, I’ll be waiting with baited breath for the unveiling of a future masterpiece,

  12. No problem…just waiting for your next gorgeous cake!

  13. hey friend :) are u there??I began to wonder :) i hope everything all right..

    have a nice week :)

  14. Where are you Rylan????

  15. I miss your cakes too come back soon !! Pierre de Paris

  16. Just checking in… :)

  17. Ahhhhh I’m in severe need of amazing cakes to look at- come back!!

  18. Heh, hope to hear something new from you because it is already a while you haven’t post anything.

  19. Good info, Cheers.