San Diego Cake Competition

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I just got back home from the San Diego Cake Competition last night. Not only that it was stressful, it was also fun. Gosh, I’m glad it’s over–I won Best of Show! Here is my main entry.

Competition Cake

I had to travel this cake stacked for 5 hours. Yes, it was nerve-wracking and super cold (we had to turn the AC on high the whole trip) and raining. I also brought my dog, 6 gigantic boxes, plus a week worth of luggage. Not to mention, we were driving a 98 Honda Civic–yes, we had to take the passenger’s seat off. I can already imagine the 18 hour drive to the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show…oh my.

Anyways, I incorporated my signature buds and birds (again) on this cake. Don’t be surprised, the magazine cake also had a similar look. Hehe, I’ll make sure my next cake won’t have any of those. The standing trellis were made by rolling a rectangular piece of gumpaste and punching out squares using a square cutter. I let it dry on a curve (I used a dummy) and then filed the edges. The lace appliques were molds I got from Jennifer Dontz while the stripes were done with a ribbon cutter from Sharon Zambito. One of the most time consuming part was covering the cake in fondant. It literally took me 12 hours to cover and recover all the tiers. I was being so meticulous that I made sure every square inch was smooth.

This year, there were celebrity judges from the Food Network Challenges, TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off, WE TV’s Amazing Wedding cakes and other Master Sugar Artists. I was pleased with their comments on my cake, saying that it was flawless and clean.

In the end, it was all worth it. I am still surprised I won! I can’t believe it!

To see some of the cakes from the competition, check out Casey Wither’s amazing shots.

Tip of the day:

Don’t have a scrub pad to clean your dirty pans? Use scrunched up foil instead.

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  1. Congrats! That cake is amazing.

  2. Hey Rylan it’s me Allison, That cake is stunning, Congrats you deserv it. are you still on Cake Central.

  3. OMGoodness…..I think that cake is literally PERFECT! Congratulations on the win, you definately deserved it!! It’s simply stunning!

  4. Wow, congratulations! The cake is absolutely gorgeous, totally deserves the best in show award!

  5. this cake’s awesome! and beatiful..i very very very much like your style :) )

  6. Congratulations Rylan!! Wow! Best in Show! What a beautiful cake and design…no wonder you won!! Sounds like you had a great trip to San Diego…looking forward to hearing more about it! I just got back from classes with Ron Ben Israel – can’t wait to show you some of the flowers! Your cake is stunning!! So happy for you!

  7. Stunning, stunning, stunning. And Congratulation, once again! I have been asked to make a wedding cake for this summer, and I’m looking for inspiration everywhere, as I haven’t made one before! I love the lattice idea.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Rylan! It’s wonderful!! All the cake is a piece of art!! Love, love…& LOVE IT ALL!!!


  9. Beautiful and amazing! Great details! Congrats!
    Hey, I just purchased 2 of Martha’s punchers for an upcoming cake…any tips on how they work best?


  10. That is one beautiful cake!!!!! Wonderful Job and Congratulations!!!!!! Soak it in and enjoy your hard work. I can see why you won. Congratulations again!

  11. Congrats! This is truly a work of art : )

  12. I love love love the simplicity of your cake..even though it is anything but simple! Does that make sense???lol

  13. This cake is absolutely outstanding, congrats for you!! I’d love this sweet “job” :)



  14. Rylan, It is so beautiful. I’m glad you won! I look forward to each cake!

  15. congrats on the best of show – I can only imagine what the 5 hour trip must have been like – wow!

  16. really magnificent superb fabulous and very regal

  17. Beautiful! I’m proud of you.

  18. Best in Show??? Congratulations, Rylan! So exciting! And your cake is exquisite!
    Was that Kerry woman judging? I think she can be a stinker.
    However did you keep all your balls in the air during that car ride? Cake boxes, a dog, luggage and you!

  19. Congratulation. That is a gorgeous cake.

  20. Such a gorgeous cake – congratulations!

  21. Congrats on the win – well deserved. this cake is absolutely beautiful. I love the simplistic monotone elegance with a touch of whimsy.

    I have no idea how you maintained your sanity driving in a car with your very fragile work. I salute you.

    So glad it was all worth all the hard work!

  22. No wonder you won.. look at that beauty and perfection, it must have taken hours on end.. Congrats darling.

  23. Congratulations! This cake is stunning, I love everything about it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  24. congratulations on the win! and a big win at that, your cake looks amazing!

  25. Congratulations on your win! And for getting the cake there! I’m not surprised that you won. It’s breathtaking!

  26. Congratulations! That’s very impressive. But looking at your cake, it’s no wonder you won – that cake looks incredible!

  27. Congratulations! This is very stunning and impressive!

  28. That is absolutely beautiful. It looks perfect!

  29. Congratulations! I am so impressed with your artwork!

  30. Wow, it is stunning! No wonder you won Best of Show! congratuéations.



  31. Congrats on winning!! Yeah!! You do us proud!! hahahaha,….

    A stunning & fabulous presnetation too!

  32. Rylan! This is just incredible – It is just so beautiful – and despite all the inconvenience getting there – you made it and won the prize!!! Congratulations and can’t wait to see more of your creations! Are we going to see you in a baking show on TV soon??

  33. Oh !! It´s amazing !! So clean,so you!!
    perfect design Rylan :)

    When I gow up I wanna be just like you !!

  34. Congrats.on your win,beautiful to look at.Could you tell me what you used between the tiers,and whats covering them.

  35. Congrats! This is beautiful! So simple, clean and elegant. I always wonder how they transport such tall cakes. I have this phobia that they’d topple.

  36. Congratulations Rylan! The cake is just PURE PERFECTION. A stunning work of art!!! And I love the description of the method… very informative, creative and interesting. I can’t wait to see your next wonderful cakes.

  37. Simply breathtaking! Really, you are so talented! Congratulations on winning best in show! I can’t imagine anything better than this creation! :D

  38. I’m speechless – such a beautiful cake, such hard work and talent and astonishing that you were able to transport it safely. I’m not sure my nerves would have held up. One of the loveliest cakes I’ve ever seen – congratulations!

  39. Beautiful! Simply perfection!!! Congratulations!

  40. Congratulations on the San Diego Cake Competition! You are a cake celebrity! All of your cakes are elegant and stunning. I can’t believe you drove 5 hours with the cake stacked!!! What a trip that must have been! Thanks for the tip on the foil! :)

  41. Congrats Rylan, you deserve it! The cake is indeed flawless, so neat! The love birds are so adorable, I wonder I could sculp one like yours? ;)

  42. WOW! I am so proud !!!!! way to go my friend! I am not surprised though :) I knew you’d win !!! got to share this news !!!

  43. Beautiful site and great work! Can’t wait to see more..

  44. Your cake is exquisite…just the style I love! Did you put two layers of fondant on it??? and did you cut out the top lattice with gumpaste? Congtats on your win!

  45. Congratulations, Rylan! It’s a beautiful cake!

  46. Holy cow…that must be just the most beautiful and well-crafted cake I’ve EVER seen. It’s too gorgeous to eat!!! And man, to travel with that exquisite beauty…it must certainly have been nerve-wrecking!!

  47. Hey Rylan…
    Congratulations! I’m so proud of you. I tell you all the time how fabulous your work is and you need to have your own shop! I can’t wait to see your work on tv and magazines.

    Love ya! Arlene

  48. This is so beautiful, I can’t imagine how you couldn’t win with such a gorgeous peice. Congratulations! it’s nice when all the work pays off isn’t it?

  49. Hello there!

    I was also at the San Diego Cake competition and I saw your cake..I love it! you deserve the best of show for your hard efort I also was competing and I won first place with the cirque du solei cake..congrats!!!

  50. Hey Rylan…
    Congratulations! I’m so proud of you. I tell you all the time how fabulous your work is and you need to have your own shop! I can’t wait to see your work on tv and magazines.

    Love ya! Arlene

  51. WOW! I am so proud !!!!! way to go my friend! I am not surprised though :) I knew you’d win !!! got to share this news !!!

  52. Amazing

  53. Woah, that has to be the most gorgeous cake I’ve ever seen. It would be a crime to eat it.

  54. so beautiful and well deserved!

  55. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on dipslay!