Sweet country birthday cake

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Most of you probably know that birthday cakes are my weakness. I always have a hard time executing a birthday cake without making it look like a wedding cake. I guess I failed this time again, hehe.

blue country cake 

This cake is inspired by my other competition cake that didn’t make the trip back home (it broke into pieces). I wanted to make a cake that looks fresh and soft. This is the reason why I chose this particular shade of blue (it looks a bit teal-ish in person). 

I achieved the floating effect on the bottom tier by elevating it on a small seperator. Those curled pieces were made out of gumpaste using a modified hydrangea leaf cutter. I made the fleur de lis using a custom mold and then made the flower buttons (altered) using a purchased jewel mold. I’m telling you, mold making is addicting! 

The topper is actually a foam egg covered in the same pieces as the ones from the bottom tier. If you want the whole thing edible, you can make a giant chocolate egg. One of my favorite part about this cake are the feathers. I hand cut it from gumpaste and then attached them on the sides (I really love the flow). Finally, I then used a  frill cutter to give the board a finished look.

I’m pretty much satisfied with the cake. It’s something I a bit more different than what I usually do.

Happy birthday Minnie, Tita Jovy and Tita Airline!

Fact of the day:

Iron Chef Cat Cora (my favorite) was pregnant the same time as her partner. The boys were born 3 months apart.

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic cake. I wouldn’t mind having it as my birthday cake, especially with the thought of a giant chocolate egg on top. It must be fantastic to be able to make things like this but I can imagine how much fun it is too. Love the blue and white.

  2. You really are rocking-out-of-this-world fabulous. SO nice to see an update, you must be major… busy, busy, busy..

  3. I can’t find any suitable adjectives to describe how BEAUTIFUL this cake is!

  4. This is the most elegant cake (whether it be birthday, wedding etc) that I have ever seen. Rylan, your talent is unbelievable.

  5. Absolutely beautiful as a birthday cake or a wedding cake. :) How in the world do you get your fondant ribbons on so straight? All of your cakes are gorgeous! Wish I had the patience to make mine look half as good.

  6. It’s gorgeous! So regal yet very pretty. Love the blue.

  7. As I’ve a big sweet tooth, I understand your predilection for birthday cakes ;)
    You cake is fascinating, birthday – wedding..all is cake, good job!

    Have a great week,


  8. Once again you have created a perfectly stunning work of art…it’s hard to believe it’s edible as well. Well done!!!

  9. I don’t think it’s possible for something that amazing to be considered a failure ;) It’s completely stunning!! Glad to see another post- you are so talented!!

  10. This is very beautiful. How I wish I can make something like yours.

  11. I can’t get my eyes off of those feathers! Wonderful!!

  12. As soon as I saw the cake on CC I knew it was yours! You just do some amazing work! You really should be in one of Martha’s cake books!
    I bought some of her punches as well and wanted to use them but I cant seem to get my fondant to get inside. Is there a trick to it? I would appreciate any help you could give me! kdweir@verizon.net

  13. I was just talking about you 5 minutes ago and then you left a comment – amazing cake absolutely!

  14. Rylan, you create the most gorgeous cakes I have ever seen! Everytime I make a cake for my post and you leave such a sweet comment for a complete amateur, I visit here and am always left with my mouth hanging open in amazement. (And a little drool on my keyboard!) I love your twigs around the base. Wish you gave classes in my town. I know NOTHING about fondant.

  15. hi Rylan you are awesome each day……love ya….just wanna ask about the paper punch did u actually punched the fondant with the paper punch? or it was paper? thank you Rylan? and do you have any sugestion about how to put cake pic in some bridal magazine? or cake magazine like what u did? it’s awesome because here we don’t have any cake magazine :(

  16. This is Simply GORGEOUS Rylan!! Love, LOVE it and LOVE this shade of blue!!

    Wonderful job….as always!!


  17. Thank you EVERYONE for all your kind words–it means a lot to me.

    Kim and Erin, I will be emailing you about directions. It would be too long to type here.

    Ladybee24, yes, I punched gumpaste with a paper puncher. Here is a tutorial.

    As for the cake on the magazine, I was just asked to make the cake for them. Maybe you can try submitting your cakes to Cake Central Magazine and American Cake Decorating Magazine. I’m not sure if they accept submissions but it doesn’t hurt to try.

    Again, thank you so much for all the comments!

  18. Rylan, another masterpiece from you. I don’t mind my brithday cake looks like a wedding cake if it’s as gorgeous as this.

  19. Your creations leave me speechless! Seriously, I wish you were here when we were having our weddding-actually it would have been impossible to pick one design :o

  20. I think I have said it before…but I love your simplicity of your cake(although they are anything but SIMPLE)! you clean lines and chic uncluttered style is stunning!

  21. Wooow, not only it looks wonderful, dazzling and outstanding, but also absolutely delicious. I’d terribly like to have a piece now. Mmmmmmmmmm. You’re amazing!

  22. What a gorgeous blue! Love this cake!

  23. That truly is a work of art. This is my first visit to your blog so I’m a little overwhelmed at the delicious and gorgeous food you’ve have displayed here. I’ll be back often to see what you’ve have conjured up. Blessings…Mary

  24. Birthday/wedding/whatever it’s for, it’s beautiful!

  25. This cake is beautiful, adore the soft blue. Interesting fact about Cat Cora, I wonder if it was fun to go through that process together.

  26. This is so beautiful, almost too beautiful to eat hehe. love the pastel hue, so sweet :)

  27. Wow…what talent. The cake and the blog are stunning. Looking forward to following you here. Have a great day!

  28. Wow! This cake is absolutely beautiful! A piece of art! I love the blue and white :)

  29. I like the cake, and I think it looks a bit more like an Easter Cake than a wedding cake. Either way, I wish I had decorating skills like that…

  30. Rylan,
    So elegant and your attention to detail is incredible.

  31. Rylan, that is one beautiful cake! That is one very special birthday!

  32. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your work is amazing!

  33. You are amazing – this is one beautiful cake – how many hours does it take you to put these works of art together. I agree, the feathers are cool – love the organic element they add to the cake, but I’m also digging the lace.

  34. You make food look like art. This is so beautiful…an architectural feat if ever I’ve seen one. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  35. I really love the Wedgewood look of that beautiful cake!



  36. Magnificent. I instantly thought of that Marie Antionette movie with Kirsten Dunst & all the spectaular cakes in that.
    Don’t you cry when people eat them though?

  37. how stunning…oh my what a fab cake!!


  38. Oh, stop. It’s so gorgeous, my eyes are watering. If I could bake like that, I won’t even be in college. I would become rich baking wedding cakes for celebrities!

  39. hy rylan this is not food only art !! big cheers from paris PIerre

  40. Truly beautiful and so perfect!

  41. such an awesome creation! love the blue hue! great job!

  42. Oh my… it’s just that ur work is amazing!! I love how it’ snot overpowered with details yet it just flows incredibly… and the feather DO look amazing… you need to be on TV!!!
    I see exactly what u meant…. I will wok on this…
    thanks and keep on cakin’ cause u r on ur way to stardom!!!

  43. how stunning…oh my what a fab cake!!


  44. A paper puncher for gum paste? I had never thought of that!

  45. how stunning…oh my what a fab cake!! sweetlife