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Last January, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Jackie Shaffer of Cake Central Magazine. She wanted me to create a cake for their fabulous March Issue. The inspiration? A beautiful and colorful floral dress.

I know, I know. I told you this will be my last cake with buds and birds. I did this cake way before the Sweet Country Birthday Cake.  Anyways, Jackie wanted a cake with a dark base and colorful accents. I would have used bright flowers but since I only had a few days to work on this cake (shipping of supplies took days to arrive), I settled with the gumpaste buds instead. 

Dark Chocolate  

I love the look of chocolate on chocolate–I think it gives the cake a contemporary aura. I added stripes to create texture without the busy appearance. The stripes were easy although time consuming. If you are a cake decorator, you’d know how difficult it is to make a single band straight. The rest of the elements are made of gumpaste (yes, it is all edible). I then used a Martha Stewart cake stand to add some extra height. 

Overall, I’m very much satisfied with the cake (although I wish I could have made a grander cake). The magazine was a big hit! Sold out everywhere. It was such a pleasure to be on Cake Central Magazine with all these talented decorators. Thanks Cake Central Magazine!


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  1. Wow!

    You did a great job!


  2. wow – it looks great in the magazine – your shot makes it looks excellent – I can only imagine how spectacular it is in person – and then I cut it in some random way!

  3. I think the cake is beautiful and subtle. I like stuff like this, and there is always a thin line between grand and tacky. Not that you ever cross it (smile), but there is something to be said for a subtle and beautiful design!

  4. WOW! WOW! This looks so perfect!!

  5. LOVE the look of this one with the chocolate fondant! I’d like to see you take on a FN cake challenge sometime!

  6. How I wish I could get married again so you can make my wedding cake! It is gorgeous. I don’t know anyone as talented as you in the cake department.

  7. Incredible. I fear I cannot properly describe how amazing your cakes are. No words can do them justice. Suffice to say that I have told many of my family members to check out your blog. They have come away just as amazed.

  8. It’s such a beautiful cake! Elegant, stunning and truly a masterpiece!

  9. wow congrats! the cake looks amazing and gorgeous.

  10. Wow! No one ever does chocolate on chocolate on a grand cake like this. It’s beautiful! Your buds and birds are the perfect compliment to the dark chocolate. Modern and sleek!

  11. Congratulations Rylan! That’s wonderful, stunning and fascinating. A true masterpiece!

  12. Oh no, please keep making cakes with birds! I love them! :D

  13. Too bad I don’t have enough funds to fly you over here and cater for our 10th Anniversary = )

  14. I really like the brown on brown. It reminds me of a really nice, satiny formal dress. The kind you would see at the Oscars.

  15. Congratulations, Rylan on your successful shoot with Cake Central Magazine! I love the refined and elegant look of all your cakes, but the chocolate is a masterpiece! You don’t see many cakes covered in chocolate fondant; please don’t stop using birds, buds and twigs…I think it’s charming.

  16. I agree with Lorraine and Barbara, keep on with decoration with birds – I never get tired of looking at them. The dark colour of the chocolate looks so elegant and modern. Great job!

  17. Love it!!

  18. congrats on the magazine..I love the dark color- it gives the cake such character..awesome


  19. Rylan,
    Congratulations on the magazine shoot! Whoo-hoo! Yes, gorgeous cake as usual, always been a big Ry fan, and now… time to move on…birds and buds are fab but, pleeeeze, let them leave the nest for the next cake. (Unless, they are going to be your “signature”, and then, of course you could incorporate them in each cake). I can’t wait to see your next original creation. luv and hugs!

  20. Amazing! Your cakes are breathtaking.

  21. This is stunning! Definitely worthy of being in a magazine. I’m really impressed.

  22. Your cakes are so gorgeous, I’m not surprised they featured you in the magazine! Great job!

  23. Congratulations to be be featured in this special cake magazine!! You are in the Rolls royce of the finest cake magazines!! Hoeray for you!!

  24. GOSHHH it´s so delicate,I loved baby blue and white! like always Rylan,it´s perfect ;)

  25. Congratulations! This is beautiful! The buds and branches look sooooo real!

  26. This a such a different cake than the other ones I’ve seen you do. Man, you are versatile….versatilely gifted!! I love how sleek, simple, yet utterly sophisticated and sweet it is!

  27. Wow, a terrific cake! I like the chocolate!

  28. It is a very beautiful cake. I love the chocolate on chocolate look, too! Congratulations on being published!

  29. O…….mamamiya… are truly an ARTIST! I am SO impressed!

  30. Happy Easter Day! I’ve an award for you, please come and pick it up when you’re free.

  31. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments!

    Anncoo, thanks for the award!

  32. bravo Rylan
    this is gorgeaous and looks like an Armani furniture !!!
    congratulations !! art just art !!
    Pierre de Paris

  33. congratulations!!! love it :)
    wonderful cake! wonderful design! you are best! :)

  34. This is amazing! Congratulations for being featured in the magazine! I am considering subscribing and getting the magazine delivered to me out to me in Australia :)

  35. Your cake is simple, yet unique. I have never seen anything like it. It works. Yet, I wouldn’t have thought so had you just described it to me. Lovely.

  36. Beautiful cake Rylan… just so beautiful!

  37. Browsing at your webpage for the first time…is so fascinating…so relaxing…and made me decide to call myself ZEN-atic for your cake and FAN-atic as well…the whole webpage is so tranquil..serene yet palatably inviting!!..Your presentation really defines and exudes…beauty of art and appetite” combined…very classy, clean, just grogeous..its addicting! You’re not just a baker..ur a real ARTIST…Will you start taking “private class lessons” for close friends?:-)..I’ll give you a ring Ry…

  38. Your cakes have such simple beauty. Congratulation on your issues of Cake Central.

  39. As usual, you never disappoint. Congratulations on such a beautifully striking cake.

  40. Really you’re a master!! Congrats you totally deserve with this scrumptious cake :)



  41. Amazing! wanderful cake….
    A kiss from Spain

  42. Well done and congrats. Your cakes are stunning…for lack of a better word. I know I say that each time I visit but…it is the absolute truth!

  43. A truly stunning cake – congratulations and it must be wonderful to see photos of your amazing work in a magazine.

  44. I am new in the business, any chance I can get a hold of Cake Central Magazine, March issue?, that you know of? And, great work, love your cakes, you are an inspiration to me.

  45. We don’t mind another budding bird cake. It’s rather sensual with the dark icing – I like it :)

  46. As usual, you never disappoint. Congratulations on such a beautifully striking cake.

  47. my God that is just awesome….soooo beautiful. a true work of art. congrats on the mag cover! like someone already said, you are a big inspiration. thank u!

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  49. I love this cake. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream. My niece and nephew would go nuts. It’s so simple and elegant. Just beautiful.

  50. Oh. My. This is incredible. Breathtaking! Thanks for your comment on my blog…eons ago…I just now realized I never stopped by to thank you and was blown away by your mad skill! Love this! :)

  51. That is just immaculate…wow.

  52. oh waw!!!!!! this is absolutely amazing!!!!!! a true source of inspiration for amateurs such as I. you are a true artist!!!!

  53. I think you should write a step by step on how to reproduce that cake. I’d love to surprise my family with something like that.

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  56. Wow! This cake is stunning! I’ll definitely share it on my website. Although I am a wedding stylist, I love to share inspiration for my brides and grooms on Wednesdays so this will definitely top the cake inspiration post! <3